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a semiautomatic rifle

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You trade off and give us the best tank you can for the money,'' remembers Lou Felder, who was with the Army's MBT-70 project office and later became Chrysler's M-1 project manager.
Meanwhile, GM's price bid for M-1 development and initial production was $208 million compared to $221 million for Chrysler.
The hot exhaust also makes it far easier for an enemy to detect the M-1 on the battlefield with simple infrared sensors.
Given that Hoffman was the official "Source Selection Authority' responsible for making the M-1 award, Clements and Currie were expected to rubber stamp the decision.
Instead, Rumsfeld announced a four-month delay in the M-1 program.
At the time, Rumsfeld justified the decision as necessary to standardize key components of the M-1 with the emerging Leopard II tank of West Germany.