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English writer of historical romances (1803-1873)

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She was released on July 19, 1909 and on her arrival back at Newcastle Turn to Page 28 Lady Lytton is arrested in Newcastle From Page 27 Central Station, she was greeted with five carriages decked in suffragette colours.
The woman was walking along Borough Road on the North Ormesby flyover above Lytton Street, in Middlesbrough, at about 6am, when she was pushed to the ground, punched and assaulted.
For example Vanessa, the backbone of the group, soon began a passionate affair with Clive Bell, but she later went on to have a daughter, Angelica, in 1918 with Duncan Grant who was also a lover of his cousin Lytton Strachey.
They ended up being given to Pte Lytton and their friendship flourished in a series of letters which have just been re-discovered after more than 90 years.
Westminster magistrates banned Lytton for 14 months and fined her pounds 450.
Caltex Australia, a company that deals with fuel and oil products, prepaid and fuel cards, lubricants, convenience products and franchising offerings, is planning to re-start partial production at its Lytton refinery near the Port of Brisbane.
Lily Susan Hale gave the ring during her lifetime to John Dorrington Dickens Bennett, her nephew and the godson of Hector Charles Bulwer Lytton Dickens.
In the preface to his 1918 Eminent Victorians, Lytton Strachey noted that one of the greatest problems concerning his biographical subjects was their sheer garrulousness.
Strictly Come Dancing pair Louisa Lytton and Vincent Simone are to represent the UK at the Eurovision Dance Contest.
In his biography of Lytton Strachey, for example, Michael Holroyd offers a detailed analysis of the new friendships that Strachey established very soon after arriving at Cambridge, and stresses the ways in which, after the long years of loneliness and isolation Strachey had endured both at school and at home, they transformed his life.
5) In it, Lytton describes herself as a "superfluous spinster" who possesses too many privileges, strong family loyalties, and poor health, but who discovers a purpose for her life in social activism.
DEBRETT'S will vouch for the fact that you cannot beat a proper pedigree, and Lytton, who comes from the same family as top-class sprinter Primo Valentino, looked a youngster with a future when making a winning debut in the juvenile maiden.
But in his haste to escape, the man injured himself as he leapt over a 6ft fence in Lytton Grove, Acocks Green, residents said.
Among last night's awards going to Albert Square were Sexiest Female for Louisa Lytton, who plays troubled teenager Ruby Allen, and her screen father Billy Murray, who plays Johnny Allen won Villain of the Year.
A heavy sleet is falling through the pines, but Lytton Musselman, a biologist at Old Dominion University, is oblivious as he races about with childlike glee.