Trofim Denisovich Lysenko

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Soviet geneticist whose adherence to Lamarck's theory of evolution was favored by Stalin (1898-1976)


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Understanding discursive authority's role in science as the primary object of her satire allows her critique to surpass its historical context, which happens to be cybernetics, but could very well have been Lysenkoism.
For a discussion of Lysenkoism as a crisis in the Party's relation to its intellectuals, see Andre Barjonet's lucid account in Le Parti communiste (Paris: John Dider, 1969), pp.
In the Soviet Union, in contrast, the central planning of science exacted an enormous human cost, with Stalin's embrace of Lysenkoism and the resulting destruction of the country's agricultural sector and its suppression of Western genetics and biological sciences.
In the case of Lysenkoism, the suppression came from within the scientific community but was backed by external authority.
Two prominent twentieth-century examples are Lysenkoism and the racist theories of Nazi Germany.
37) This total rejection of eugenics paved the way in part for the rise of Lysenkoism in the 1930s.
Learning from Russia: Lysenkoism and the fate of genetics in China, 1950-1986.
Official Soviet biological doctrine was Lysenkoism, and Russian Darwinists were denounced as "Trotskyite agents of international fascism" and thrown into the Gulag for their scientific sins,
Their chapter, "The Problem of Lysenkoism," treats the same failure of the Marxist imposition of ideology onto genetics as does Sagan, but they conclude with the observation that "Lysenkoism is held up by bourgeois commentators as the supreme demonstration that conscious ideology cannot inform scientific practice and that 'ideology has no place in science'" (191).
Lysenkoism reigned for decades and made a mess of Soviet agronomy until it was finally disproven.
European crop science has probably already been harmed by the controversies associated with GM crops as noted in the discussion of Political Lysenkoism.
It's an American version of Lysenkoism - a Soviet-era corruption of science by ideology.
Thatcher was also a very strong supporter of comprehensive schools ( 'let all our children grow to the same height and intelligence') - blatant Lysenkoism and that alone should be enough to question her right-wing credentials.
a time when intellectuals, scientists, and artists, to say nothing of politicians and political dissidents, were the victims of systematic purges; when Lysenkoism was the official doctrine of state, and when not only Darwinism but other manifestations of "bourgeois science," such as the theory of relativity, were proscribed .