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United States playwright who collaborated with Russel Crouse on several musicals (1889-1931)

United States poet who traveled the country trading his poems for room and board (1879-1931)

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Like lots of other parents at this time of year, Lyndsey asked her daughter what she would like Father Christmas to bring her on December 25.
Lyndsey and Louise raise all the funds for these treasured memory books themselves - from taking part in a run to organising a raffle.
Carol, Stewart and Lyndsey got matching green ribbon tattoos yesterday in Paul's honour.
They monitored her kidney function as part of the diabetes, which meant they realised the problem early on," said Lyndsey.
Lyndsey even had to stop her eating too much cake at parties.
Speaking publicly for the first time, Lyndsey said: "Mary had come home from school.
Lyndsey with Jason Williams, Clinical & Operations Manager
Lyndsey, who comes from Whitley Bay, is studying public relations at Northumbria University while Jacob is an A-level student at Gosforth Academy.
Shaw and his wife Lyndsey had survived a miscarriage, the loss of half their horses and a traumatic exit from their stable, but their resilience had remained intact.
Lyndsey Jenkins added: "The fact that we are recruiting and promoting in such a challenging environment is testament to our efforts over the past year.
Lyndsey Scragg, from Wolverhampton's Fallings Park fire station's green watch, will take on Jelena Mrdjenovich in Edmonton for the Women's WBC World Super Featherweight title on november 7, in her seven professional fights so far she has been unbeaten, and has won by knock-out three times.
This year's theme is China, and when the devastating earthquake struck on May 12, students and members of the graduation committee, led by Lyndsey Letourneau and Katherine Bunker, decided to take action to build awareness of the devastation in the quake-stricken region.
Elrose Lyndsey is a single mother-of-three from Birmingham who has fostered six children since 2005.
PAST winners of the Young Hero category have included Lyndsey Coldicott, who won the young hero category in 2004 after judges heard how, at the age of 11, the determined young girl raised pounds 2,500 for charity through fundraising activities.
Two members of the Welsh College of Horticulture's equine team - Lyndsey McCoy, 22, of Wirral, and Sandra Brookin, 22, of Flint - recently returned with golds from the eastern region championships.