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Maybe someone should slip a note in Obama's desk drawer that asks: What would Lyndon Johnson have done to make it happen?
HIT Kennedy seconds before shooting SWORN IN Lyndon Johnson takes the oath
In real life, a girl like Angelica would have to be a ruthless politician at the level of Lyndon Johnson to successfully navigate the treacherous waters in which she tries to swim.
I recall the special message sent to Congress in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson, when he proposed what would become the Higher Education Act.
Anybody wishing to raise money for the appeal can also contact Lyndon Johnson on 07795 363772.
He led the Democratic Party's revolt against the Vietnam War which forced Lyndon Johnson to withdraw from the presidential race in 1968.
Records for much of the Kennedy family will be made public as well as those for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.
In 1964, Lyndon Johnson put his muscle behind a historic civil rights act even though he was convinced it would cost his party the South.
4 percent of GDP, the lowest since 1966, when Lyndon Johnson was pushing his Great Society and escalating the Vietnam War at the same time.
President Lyndon Johnson appointed him Chief of Naval Operations in 1967, and after serving almost three years, President Richard Nixon selected him to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
And later Lyndon Johnson famously used a nonexistent attack on a U.
Several years ago, Glassboro State University in New Jersey, site of a famous meeting between Soviet leader Nikita Kruschchev and then President Lyndon Johnson, became Rowan University.
But spending has increased more rapidly than under any President since Lyndon Johnson, and Bush refuses to pay for it.
Kinsley also hinted that he had not finished reading the eventual winner of the prize, Robert Caro's 'Master of The Senate' - a biography of US President Lyndon Johnson.
This massive volume is the third in Mr Caro's biography of President Lyndon Johnson.