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Susan Binford, assistant dean for communications at the Lyndon B.
The main ones are the fight of the remnants of the old, voters-rights coalition to register African-Americans in Selma, Alabama; the ever-changing conversations within the White House about how to manage the politics of the civil fights movement, which had Lyndon B.
After JFK was assassinated, McNamara stayed on with President Lyndon B.
Kennedy to the Consumer Advisory Council in 1962, and subsequently appointed Chairman of the Council by President Lyndon B.
The book details one episode after another of mistrust, biting invective, and nastiness between political newcomer Robert Kennedy and veteran powerbroker Lyndon B.
The rules, which apply to so-called 501 (c)(3) groups, were enacted in the 1950s at the behest of then-senator Lyndon B.
In 1965, Johnson won a White House fellowship and was assigned to work in the office of Bill Moyers, then press secretary to President Lyndon B.