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the main island of the Philippines

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Report on archaeological exploration in northern Luzon, Philippines, 1996-2002.
The species was originally described as a species of Lecithocera, based on a female from Luzon, Philippines.
Banahaw in southern Luzon, Philippines, in 2002 where he wrote "Doing Java" which is the second of a two volume intellectual biography and where he focuses on his work, experiences, and commentary concerning the academic climate of Yogyakarta in the late 1970s.
It started in 1587, when the crowds at Mass on the days before Christmas were overflowing from the church, so the prior of the San Agustin Acolman Convent, on the island of Luzon, Philippines, asked the pope's permission to hold the services outdoors.
Gonzales* of Pacoima; April 24, 1945, Luzon, Philippines.
Proceeds of the offering are being used to construct an irrigation and hydroelectric project in Central Luzon, Philippines.
The newly reconstructed Camaligan Fishing Port network on the Rico River in Camarines Sur, Southern Luzon, Philippines, has been equipped with two large contact freezers.
MANILA, Philippines -- The AES Corporation (NYSE:AES) today announced it has completed the $930 million purchase and transfer of assets of the 660 MW (gross) Masinloc coal-fired thermal power plant located in Barangay Bula, Zambales Province, Luzon, Philippines.
Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences believe they have identified 300 new species during a biological expedition that focused on the Island of Luzon, Philippines, according to the organization's (http://www.