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a city in central Egypt on the east bank of the Nile that is a center for visitors to the ruins of and around Thebes

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DuPont has been selling Tyvek in Japan since 1972, while Asahi started production of Luxer in 1988.
Asahi's flashspun Luxer material continues to successfully serve the house wrap segment, with a sales increase of more than 50% reported in 1992, attributed to an intensified marketing focus.
6 200 Nos,Paper JK A3 10 Pkt,Plastic Files 100 Nos,Envelopes 8 x10 Yellow 2000 Nos,Envelopes 9"x4" White Taj with printed school address 5000 Nos, Drawing Punch Seat 50 Pkts, Gum Bottle 170 ml Camel 150 Nos,Clip pin S/Steel 50 Pkts,Call Bell 10 Nos,Gift Paper Shining Sheet 01 Ream,Stappler Kangroo HD 10 D 20 Nos,Geometry Box Classmate 300 Nos,OHP Luxer Marker Pen Red/Blue 100 Nos,Kores Dustless White Chalk 420 Pkts,Information Sheet Folder 10 Nos
ABD,All pins 100 Grms Bell/Globe,Marker (Pointed ) Luxer,Cash book -8 Qr.
Plants: Moriyama, Nobeoka Processes: Spunbonded, Melt Blown, Flashspun, Spunlaced Brand Names: Eltas, Bemliese, Luxer, Microweb, Coldon Notes: Asahi Chemical is the largest manufacturer of spunbonded nonwovens in Japan, with 35% of total market share.
5 tons/day cupra), melt blown pilot line, spunlaced pilot line Brand Names: Eltas (spunbonded), Luxer (spunbonded), Bemliese (spunbonded), Microweb (melt blown), Flonte (spunlaced), Coldon (spunlaced) Notes: Asahi Chemical Industry, the largest spunbonded nonwovens manufacturer in Japan with its "Eltas" and "Bemliese" nonwovens, recently successfully started production of new types of nonwovens, such as flash spinning ("Luxer"), melt blown ("Microweb") and spunlaced ("Flonte," "Coldon") nonwovens.
Tender are invited for Supply of stationery items Golden Paper ,Geometry Box Camlin ,OHP Luxer Marker Pen ,Kores Dustless White Chalk ,Envelope 4 A' X5 A' ,Ball Pen Reynold 0.