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a native or inhabitant of Luxembourg

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Vallejo admiraba los progresos de los geneticistas alemanes y citaba elogiosamente las obras de Dubitscher, Luxemburger o Stumpfl, incluidas en el manual de Gutt (1937).
According to the Luxemburger Wort, unions have, as a result, called for industrial action against Luxair's proposed amendments which they claim include increased flight hours, reduced rest times and cuts in meal times.
Actual individual consumption (AIC) was the lowest in Bulgaria, which is closely followed by Romania, while Luxembourg topped the ranking with 38% above the medium rate, data from the EU's statistical body cited by the Daily Luxemburger Wort reveals.
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After 1870 German migrants in Paris were living "dispersed and reclusive" lives and hiding their national identity by not speaking German in public and by presenting themselves during job interviews as Swiss, Austrian, or Luxemburger.
In Deutschland gab es damals keine Moglichkeiten fur ein Universitatsstudium, denn die erste Universitat im Romischen Reich nordlich der Alpen wurde erst 1348 in Prag von dem Luxemburger Herrscher Karl IV.
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The reality that we meet in various places causes debate," he was quoted as saying in the Luxemburger Wort.
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Evans took Maillot Jaune by 1min 34sec from Luxemburger Andy Schleck, who completed a hat-trick of runner-up finishes.
Contador, the winner in 2007 and 2009, pulled on his third yellow jersey after leaving Luxemburger Andy Schleck in second at 39sec meaning he finishes runner-up for the second year in a row.
When I asked if she had enjoyed a Luxembourger yet (the term for the people of Luxembourg), she eyed me suspiciously and said: "I haven't had a Luxemburger.