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a native or inhabitant of Luxembourg

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They nominated another Luxembourger, inflation hawk Yves Mersch, to the vacant position on the European Central Bank's six-member executive board, and picked German Klaus Regling to head their permanent bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, due to come into force this month.
Next time David Cameron mentions the Big Society, I'm becoming a Luxembourger.
The embassy was opened in a ceremony on Tuesday with the participation of Luxembourger Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu.
The Luxembourger is flavour of the month with punters and has been steadily backed in to 15/8.
The lethal Luxembourger was the last man other than Roger Federer to beat Nadal at the All England Club, but he was unable to repeat the feat on Centre Court.
Blaise Luxembourger, an 11-year-old who wants to be a writer, said she didn't need googly eyes for the bot she made and named Arnold.
A French phrase reflects Luxembourgers' conservatism--one Luxembourger, a rose garden, two a koffeeklatch and three a band.
The creation of the post out from a strengthened Eurojust (the EU's existing network of judicial organisations) is a top priority for Viviane Reding, the Luxembourger nominated to become the EU's first justice and fundamental rights Commissioner.
lt;p>In women's singles, Tunisian Safa Saidani was defeated at the first round by Cameroonian Matile Hanvu Hana (3-1) and lost to Luxembourger Simone Han 3-0.
The big loser was Rabobank's Denis Menchov who struggled on the Bonette and drops one minute 13 seconds behind the Luxembourger in the general classification.
I was told that a Luxembourger who was in charge of the station would come along during the night to do maintenance and see that all was in order.
Likewise, the Luxembourger called for more efficient cars, even Japanese ones, if need be.
The novel ends with him deciding to try to make a life with his Luxembourger girlfriend.
In other respects, this piece by Verena Weiss, with assistance from Ingo Diehl (both German choreographers), was simpleminded and predictable despite strong production values and intriguing music from three composers: one American, one a Luxembourger, one Italian; i.
Louis Archbishop] John May, an independent Luxembourger -- striding alone.