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Luxembourg City Film Festival is still young but it is destined to grow progressively, accompanying a growth in cinema-going in this tiny city-state that contains more than 170 nationalities: another similarity with Dubai.
I am looking forward to seeing our visitors experience Luxembourg City via our live VR demo, enjoy the fast moving scenes displayed in High Frame Rate, and discover the brightness levels offered by HDR10+.
Scenic: The Mullerthal Trail History: Castle Bridge and the Bock Casemates in Luxembourg City
TRAVEL TIME: India and family in Monaco, above, | |Amsterdam, below, and Luxembourg City, right
Therefore, it was only natural that the highly successful series of events gets crowned with the prestigious Luxembourg Peace Prize for 'Outstanding Peace Organization' in Luxembourg City.
Luxembourg Workshop on Space and Satellite Communication Law (2nd: 2013: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg) Edited by Mahulena Hofmann
So clean, in fact, that I felt uncomfortable walking the streets of capital Luxembourg City with my shoes on.
Patton's headquarters, Fondation Pescatore in Luxembourg City and several towns along the Sauer River to Wasserbillig, which our division liberated.
Living in Luxembourg City is like living in an idealized dream of a European city," said Political/Economic Section Chief Heidi Jovanovic.
From Luxembourg City we drove our rental car (armed with maps and a GPS) towards Dunzweiler, Germany.
HISTORY mingled with hope for the future as Jonny Evans addressed the media in Luxembourg City yesterday.
In May, four GNA members gave presentations to an international nursing audience in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Europe, at the International Orem Society for Nursing Science and Scholarship at the 12th World Congress on "Preparing Nursing Systems for 2020: New Approaches-New Evidence.
Reviewed at Discovery Zone Luxembourg City Film Festival (Home Discovery), March 5, 2012.
The Comanche Code Talkers, who would participate in the Battle of the Bulge, arrived in Luxembourg City by early December; just in time for the start of the battle.