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type genus of the Luvaridae

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Luvarus imperialis is another southern species found near British Columbia waters (Peden and Jamieson 1988) but, until this report, not within the Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone (CEEZ).
Welch (2015a) and Bond and others (2015) listed several unusual shifts in species distributions in 2014, and we now add the late 2014 records of Balistes polylepis and Luvarus imperialis in British Columbia to the known biological impact of warm sea-surface temperatures on the coast of North America.
The louvar, Luvarus imperialis, in the eastern Pacific, with notes on its life history.
Larval morphology and occurrence of the Louvar, Luvarus imperialis (Luvaridae).
On two rare pelagic fishes, Luvarus imperialis and Rachycentron canadum, recently captured at Yoichi, Hokkaido, Japan.