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a battle in the Thirty Years' War (1632)

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With this and with the support from Ludolf Lutzen, the professor who took part in the VdM's pilot project, she received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which enabled her to study with Suzuki in Matsumoto from 1980 to 1982.
Hagren, Pettersen, Severinsson, Lutzen, and Clyne (2001) state that "patients view the machine as a loss of freedom, a symbol of dependency on caregivers and a major disruption to their marital, family and social life" (p.
rely more heavily on informal support networks (Florence, Lutzen, & Alexius Birgitta, 1994); and report using religion to cope with their HIV-related issues (Biggar et al.
Lutzen joined the company in April 2003 and brings nearly a decade of experience working in the electronics industry within the Pacific Rim region.
War is all hell and it has been for centuries, and there is no doubt that the "killing fields" of LaBiccocia, Pavia, Lutzen, Malplaquet--or Meggido or Stalingrad, for that matter--have been just as hellish, and as beautiful as the artistic endeavors--photographic (and now cinemagraphic) as well as the traditional means of oil and canvas, sculpture, and tapestry--that have long sought to capture the hellish, wonderful, enduring, alluring appeal of war.
Coping with HIV infection requires strong social and family support (Florence, Lutzen, & Alexius, 1994).
Lutzen, Jan; Van Veen, Kasper and Balke, Stephen T.
The researchers who have studied the coping mechanisms women infected with HIV use have found that strong social and family support networks (Florence, Lutzen, & Alexius-Birgitta, 1994) and prayer and rediscovery (Kaplan, Marks, & Mertens, 1997) are salient components of positive coping.
A limited number of studies examining Swedish nurses' experiences of workplace stress and ethical dilemmas have been carried out (Cronqvist, Lutzen, & Nystrom, 2006; Crongvist, Theorell, Burns, & Lutzen, 2001, 2004; Hertting, Nilsson, Theorell, & Larsson, 2004; Kalvemark et al.
Using a stress-coping model, studies have examined how factors such as age, medical symptoms, social support, psychological makeup, and cognitive styles influence the stress-coping relationship (for example, Anderson, 1995; Commerford, Gular, Orr, Renznikoff, & O'Dowd, 1994; Florence, Lutzen, & Alexius, 1994; Regan-Kubinski & Sharts-Hopko, 1995; Semple et al.
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These findings are supported by the growing body of literature on implementation of evidence-based nursing that identifies lack of organizational support as one of the biggest impediments to implementation (Kajermo, Nordstrom, Krusebrant, & Lutzen, 2001; Retsas, 2000; Retsas & Nolan, 1999).
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