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a battle in the Thirty Years' War (1632)

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Lutzen K, Blom T, Ewalds-Kvist B, Winch S (2010) Moral stress, moral climate and moral sensitivity among psychiatric professionals.
Moral Sensitivity Survey: The Turkish version of the scale developed by Lutzen (1994) was made by Tosun (2005).
Andrew for the lost battle of Lutzen, whereupon the Russian headquarters reported a victory.
in Lutzen, Germany, which makes a range of finished and semi-finished products for a variety of industries from materials handling and transportation to medical.
Lutzen (1997) proposed a context-sensitive approach for nursing ethics that can inform the way that school psychologists think about ethical decisions.
das Volk auf, sich zur Errichtung einer besseren Ordnung der Dinge, an ihn anzuschliessen; und das Mandat war, mit einer Art yon Verruckung, unterzeichnet: "Gegeben auf dem Sitz unserer provisorischen Weltregierung, dem Erzschlosse zu Lutzen.
Una discusion en torno al papel de las "masas invisibles" en la imagen de la mecanica hertziana puede consultarse en Lutzen 2005 y D'Agostino 2000.
Lutzen, information security officer for Missouri S and T's IT department.
Similarly, Eckelbarger and Grassle (1987) saw no such correlation in capitellid polychaetes, nor did Jespersen and Lutzen (2007) in the bivalve genus Kellia.
Three additional articles were selected from the initial cohort of 168 as a means of better understanding the concept within the broader context of nursing, and to distinguish moral distress from the related concepts of moral residue and moral stress (Erlen, 2001; Hardingham, 2004; Lutzen, Cronquist, Magnusson, & Andersson, 2003).
Lutzen (2000) mesmerizes me when she identifies the key issues which need to be critically analyzed for the development of global nursing knowledge.
Algunos de estos motivos se aclaran yendo, por ejemplo, al soneto 36 de Burguillos "A la muerte de rey de Suecia" (caido en la batalla de Lutzen, 16 de noviembre de 1632), donde se subraya la amenaza que supone para el Imperio el rey Gustavo Adolfo II (que habia subido al trono en 1611) y que en 1621 habia conquistado el importante enclave comercial de Riga:
33) In addition to Martin Luther, nineteenth-century Protestant nationalists had also recognized the Swedish solider-king and martyr of the Battle of Lutzen, Gustavus Adolphus (1594-1632), as a German-Protestant national hero.
The motto 'God with Us' reflected the godly foundations of the Cromwellian regime; but it may also have been a nod in the direction of the Swedish hero, Gustavus Adolphus, who had used the same battle cry at his great victories at Breitenfeld and Lutzen during the Thirty Years' War.