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However, our previous in vitro experiment showed that Se had a direct effect on luteal cells [26].
Targeted disruption of Pten in ovarian granulosa cells enhances ovulation and extends the life span of luteal cells.
Administration of GnRH at estrus influences pregnancy rates, serum concentrations of LH FSH, Estradiol-17, pregnancy specific protein B and progesterone, proportion of luteal cell types and in vitro production of progesterone of in dairy cows.
Oxidative stress--inducible antioxidant adaptive response during prostaglandin F2 alpha--induced luteal cell death in vivo.
Carroll DJ, Grummer RR, Mao FC (1992) Progesterone production by culture luteal cells in the presence of bovine low and high-density lipoproteins purified by heparin affinity chromatography.
The third cycle corpus luteum showed the greatest structural development due to cualitative and cuantitative differences in luteal cells.
Once ovulation takes place, a surge of growth in the luteal cells causes progesterone and some estradiol to be secreted.
Further evidence of increased aromatase activity in granulosa luteal cells from polycystic ovary.
Changes in luteal cells distribution, apoptotic rate, lipid peroxidation levels and antioxidant enzyme activities in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) corpus luteum.
In addition, luteal cells are not responsive to FSH.
2005) have found inhibition of progesterone production by granulosa cells or luteal cells that were treated with cigarette smoke extract or the alkaloids found in smoke (e.
Genistein was found to inhibit basal and stimulated P4 production by human, rat and bovine granulosa cells as well as porcine theca and luteal cells (Makarevich et al.
For example, ovine embryos produce a protein that acts on large luteal cells to protect them from the luteolytic actions of [PGF.