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ancient region and Roman province on the Iberian Peninsula

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Brazil is the ultimate and arduous realization of the Tupy peoples, arriving on the Atlantic shore one or two centuries before the Portuguese and who, undone and transfigured, have become what we are; dilatory Latinos from overseas, brown skinned from the fusion between white and black, uncultured from the traditions of their ancestral matrixes, but bearing their survival, which helps in contrasting with the Lusitanians.
Brazil is this new people of Africans and Indians, Lusitanians and other immigrant Europeans and Asiatics.
Dubai Axiom Hockey Club put up a spirited display to defeat the star-studded UAE Falcons Green 2-1 in the final of the Lusitanians Sports Club Hockey Tournament at the Cambridge International School grounds on Friday.
As one commemorative ode rendered recent events: "The Lusitanians were ruled by a light and gentle Scepter/ Within the stormy Universe/ Of a perverse system/ the Pious Prince offered Benign shelter [.
For while history revealed that Brazil was, as Silva Lisboa wrote as a royal censor in 1818, "the amplification of the Mother Country (Mai Patria) for the Lusitanian Monarchy [obtained] through just titles of discovery, occupation and conquest in accordance with the laws of nations", (17) with the transfer of the court this historical amplification of Portugal appeared to have reached an ultimate conclusion.
The horses - all stallions and geldings - are Arabians, Belgians, Lusitanians, Percherons and American Quarter horses.
Delgado's parents bred Lusitanian horses in the south of France.
Byline: Hosts Sharjah Wanderers cruised to a 2-0 win against organisers Lusitanians to win the Lusitanians Cup 2008 in Sharjah.
20) On the other hand, the Lusitanians found that their Lisbon-oriented long distance trade could be carried out successfully only with the help of the Marakkar and the Mapilla merchants, whose co-operation was indispensable to purchase spices.
Nakheel secured a thrilling 3-1 win against Lusitanians in the main competition, while hosts Sharjah Wanderers got past Goa Velha Al Zuari in the second category competition.
Byline: The third edition of the Lusitanians six-a-side football tournament has attracted a full field of 16 teams.
The Lusitanian aboriginals, known formally as pequeninos, or informally as piggies, speak six languages: English and Portuguese, that they have learned from the humans, plus four of their own languages, males language, wives' language, father tongue, and tree language.
Third, they emphasize the diasporic nature of belonging--something characteristic of Goans who found themselves situated in many parts of the Lusitanian world.