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Synonyms for lit

Synonyms for lit

the humanistic study of a body of literature

provided with artificial light

set afire or burning


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8% for LUS was observed which lead to the conclusion that a more selective approach to decide which patients should undergo instrumental analysis because of the low incidence of distant metastases at the onset of disease is very essential.
Lung pulse is when lung sliding is replaced by a type of pulsation, synchronized with heart activity, which represents the early specific sign of complete atelectasis on LUS.
A major market constraint specific to LUS is the lack of technical information for the development of processing capabilities (Easton and Wright 1998).
Besides the text of Lus, the book contains two relevant essays: one by Montanari ("I Got to the Point of Thinking That I'm Not All There") and the other by Picarazzi, "Ermanna Montanari's Voices Crossing the Borders Between Language and Magic.
All the factors evaluated in both groups had no statistically significant difference except for the LUS thickness.
Results of Moel Lus race: 1 N Jones (Colwyn Bay, U20) 23.
Lus Na Hoiche is owned by Galway native Simon Mullin.
If I had a say, I would renounce a building that sets people apart," said Don Lus Gergi in Skopje on Tuesday.
The Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, heads a delegation composed of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities, Lus Filipe Tavares.
David Rous, 28, and his wife Margaret Ann, 37, were flying from Dundee to Tiree to visit family when their light aircraft went off radar in the Beinn nan Lus area of Glen Kinglass, south of Oban, on Easter Saturday.
But what was even more impressive was that the Menai athlete led the seniors up the first climb of the Foel Lus race, and was never out of the top five for the section that the juniors followed the same course as the adults.
PORSCHE will this month un-il nw shiPnminmhinin thshothnw uo S molhouoooust s-loonuto lt thoo otoShowhs n uttwin tuohninloouinhht mns it n h mh in sons nhs thotntil otosomht will ost om whn iinin nuthouh its n uismo ntus minolulisits to thn ums its oil ul onsumtion uis onlm-n imo-mnt thouh othious molShowith -inh uo whlswhih oth lnsinintlwithn thstnons on othmo-lsthuo S lso tus uniuun-mtl looPll-ium mtlliint ohinsin owomto thPnmuo ninhs n hithouh isions to thtuo-hs nintion ssuhis lso n otionl sots hust sstm whih i-ts thninsounstiht into thin t thush o uttonus will lso t Poshs tisusnsion mnmnt sstm lus Sot Chono -inluwith Comot Sot nSot Plus mos lonwith -tstmisnsithis two-tonlth-tim with Poshsts m-osson thont hsts-wowont stshtsts ll ounnn-ous lnhoomn otll ssns
Just two days after being the club's first finisher in the British Fell-Running Championship race in Ireland Eryri's Mathew Roberts won the Great Arete Tuesday Series race at Foel Lus, Dwygyfylchi.
lus, a review of the week's news with Simon Lazenby, Stuart Barnes and Dewi Morris.
ANIMATIONS POUR ENFANTS* Trottimage: Films sans paroles/ Albums lus en franE*ais et en arabe au Centre Culturel FranE*ais Ea 17h30* Samedi 16 dE[umlaut]cembre:-A1/2 NoE1/2l et l'hivers-e, albums A1/2- la nuit de l'E[umlaut]toile d'or-e, d'Elzbieta.