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Spanish philosopher (1235-1315)

French composer (born in Italy) who was the court composer to Louis XIV and founded the national French opera (1632-1687)

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A rubric after the end of the song reads "clef pour un dessus," followed by a soprano clef (a C-clef on the bottom staff-line), which tells the female singer that she can transpose this song--originally written by Lully for a male voice--to her vocal range.
Lully was, according to French Baroque music historian William Christie, a "national figure" from his early days, and long after his death he was "canonized not only by the aristocracy, the literati, and the musical educated, but by everybody in France.
While Lully died in 1687--of gangrene caused by banging his foot, instead of the floor, with a conductor's staff--the patterns of French operatic writing that he had codified stayed intact for another 70-odd years: the so-called Lullian overture, with a stately, chordal first section followed by a much faster, more polyphonic second section; abundant classical allegory, the better to appease Louis XIV; and plenty of dances.
It is associated with composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully, George Frideric Handel, Arcangelo Corelliy, Claudio Monteverdi, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Henry Purcell.
Viene a continuacion la "dictadura" de Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687), quien consiguio del rey un verdadero monopolio sobre las interpretaciones musicales que se hacian en la Corte al ser nombrado "Surintendant de la musique".
Bethlehem Down' came fourth and Lully, Lulla rounded off the top five.
Estudio composicion con Lully y fue discipulo de Sainte-Colombe durante seis meses.
Con cargo a mi optimismo incorregible, preguntaria si es posible atender -posiblemente entrando a su pagina web-- la recomendacion de escuchar el Te Deum LWV55 de Jean Baptiste Lully.
Already in the two years before his death in 1673, Moliere recognized that he had been displaced by his one-time collaborator Lully as Louis XIV's favored court entertainer.
The lively endurance of patristic writings into the seventeenth century, such as the Duodecim Principia Philosophiae by the Doctor Illuminatus, Raymond Lully (Ramon Lull), of which it has long been known that John Donne possessed a copy, is for Albrecht prima facie evidence for that view.
With: Lully Bossa, Cesar Badillo, Diego Cadavid, Zaira Valenzuela, Andrea Gomez.
This was now the monopoly of the composer and opera director Lully, and it must have seemed that the Guenegaud was doomed, so Thomas quickly changed his allegiance, perhaps also hoping to fill the gap left by Racine's retirement in 1677.
El guion, escrito por Corbiau, Eve de Castro y Andre Corbiau, basado en el libro Lully ou les musiciens du Soleil de Philippe Beaussant, apuesta por la iinealidad con alguna ruptura que no basta para romperla: Jean Baptiste Lully (Boris Terral) celebre compositor y director se hiere el pie al dirigir con el baston-batuta, herida que le provocara la muerte por gangrena.
Although both pageants deal with subjects and events that are also found in the four English mystery cycles, the songs and scores of the Shearmen and Taylors are unique, as they represent an exceptional record of medieval English music, especially in the case of the already popular lullaby, sung by the mothers of the slaughtered children of Bethlehem: "Lully lulla, pow littell tine child,/ By by, lully lullay, pow littell tyne child, / By by, lully lyllay" (110).
The William Hoeveler Judicial Nomination Award went to Judge Robert Hawley, and the Charles Lully Pro Bono Service Award went to Jeffery Kelley Nowack.