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ancient Celtic god

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Maggie wants to christen it Lugh, but Kate, 'said it would be sinful to christen an inanimate object with any kind of name, not to talk of a pagan god'.
At the same time, the play recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates the mystery and vitality released by encounters with the strange and foreign (Ryanga, Lugh, and carefree dancing).
Lugh led the Tuatha De Danann to victory in the second Battle of Magh Tuireadh.
As they leave, the Lady knows Lugh will not return, for he will become the knight known as Lancelot.
One of the youngest pupils was Lugh Doyle, from Cornist Park, Flint, who aims to work in IT one day.
One day, however, a group of four men on horseback kidnap Lugh.
For instance, Lugh of the Long Hand was originally a sun-god figure whose magical sword was one of the Four Hallows of the Tuatha De Danaan.
J Murray, of Langley Park, released 15, while Stanley angler W Lugh returned eight, the best at 6lb 7oz.
Campaigners against the M3 in Co Meath fear it will destroy the Rath Lugh national monument, an ancient fort beside the 2,000-year-old Hill of Tara.