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ancient Celtic god

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Saba cannot survive in Silverlake and she must rescue Lugh from the brutal men, but she's up against enormous odds.
Symbolic figures--like the kangaroo-sized dinosaur god Lugh who talks like a 1920s gangster and blows smoke out of his ears quirky pets like a grotto of pet whales that carry travelers in their mouths and tamed wild geese--infuse a bit of sideline humor into this dramatic tragedy.
August is harvest time, in pagan Irish religion the time to celebrate Lugh, the god of harvest.
Anyone with an interest in traditional stories and mythological tales - even those who don't have a drop of Irish blood in their veins - will enjoy dipping into the book to discover why the children of Lir were turned into swans and how Lugh of the Long Arm became a hero.
TODAY is the festival of Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh in honour of Lugh the ancient Irish mythical hero and Sun God.
Typically, all freemen attended the annual meetings, held on Midsummer Day--sacred to both Balder, the Viking god of fire and light, and his Celtic counterpart, Lugh.
Or take Lugh who asks two witches what they can bring to battle and they suggest that they will enchant the enemy,
As they leave, the Lady knows Lugh will not return, for he will become the knight known as Lancelot.
The Irish Celts called the August 1st holiday Lughnasa and dedicated it to the god Lugh (pronounced "loo").
Maggie wants to name the new set Lugh, after the Irish pre-Christmas god of the harvest (whose festival, Lughnasa, is being celebrated in the hills behind Ballybeg as the play opens.