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a German semiautomatic pistol

someone who races the luge


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Lugers must navigate a course's hairpin turns and S-shaped curves, while traveling at breakneck speeds.
The crews were authorised to use 30mm chain gun fire and Luger 67 passed over the compound.
Joseph Cromby, 21, of Ferguson Road, West Derby was jailed for six years at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday after he admitted possession of a Luger self loading pistol, a Daewoo semi-automatic pistol and ammunition.
The crown court at Leamington heard he armed himself with a Luger pistol because he believed a contract had been taken out on him.
Fellow Georgian luger, Leavan Gurashidze said that his team mate was in positive mood before the fatefull training run.
But Woodward explained that the lugers are now satisfied the 21-year-old from Georgia made a mistake during his run, and that was the primary cause of the crash rather than the speeds being reached on the track.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a mental training program designed to develop stress management and cohesion skills on the competitive cognitions of young lugers.
Luger also called Obama to woo Zardari for an extended cooperation in sharing the details of Pakistan's nuclear capability with the United States.
World Cup winner Dan Luger has failed to make the final cut for England's rugby sevens squad for the Commonwealth Games.
Former Lions star Dan Luger has been named in England's rugby sevens squad for next month's Commonwealth Games.
Lucy Earlam, 26, has become engaged to flying England winger Dan Luger and the pair were due to throw a star-studded party in London tonight.
Military enthusiast Anthony Townsend, 48, told police his treasured World War II Luger pistol had been taken in the break-in.
WORLD CUP winner Dan Luger is back on the international scene - as a member of England's sevens training squad.
Luger, professor and chair of dermatology at the University of Munster (Germany).
Shaft, clearly bothered by the implicit racism, calls Luger out on this behavior.