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a German semiautomatic pistol

someone who races the luge


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This was not without problems, as the process involved taking two 9mm Lugers, cutting them into halves, welding them together, and then refitting the needed parts--many made from scratch-- to create a Luger for .
One of the most popular guns of the early 20th century the Luger was widely adopted by the world's armies.
30 Luger was achieved with Redding dies and the Lee Factory Crimp die--after plenty of experimenting
They were a 9mm Luger pistol, which is prohibited, and a shotgun which the court heard had been shortened, but not so much as to make it also a prohibited weapon.
357 SIG shoots the same bullets as 9mm Luger but its case has no similarities to it.
Features of the Borchardt influenced semiautomatic handguns for decades, and one of the men who worked on it while it was in its infancy was Georg Luger.
Luger is a consultant for numerous pharmaceutical companies but not for Sanofi or Regeneron.
Cromby was sentenced to six years for possession of the Luger, two years for possessing ammunition and five years for possessing the Daewoo pistol, to be served concurrently.
If they're lucky, like Luger, they'll come to define a moment.
Coroner Derek Winter heard how the crews of the Apaches, which had the call-signs Luger 67 and Luger 61, were flying in the area when they saw the huge explosion from the Taliban bomb, followed by a tracer fire.
A luger generates momentum (object's mass times its speed) by grasping handles on either side of the track, rocking forward and backward, and then giving a powerful push.
I recently completed a Luger project by replacing the take down lever and side plate.
Summary: Family and friends of the Georgian luger who was killed at the Vancouver Winter Olympics have gathered for his funeral.
However Woodward, with the team in Vancouver, has discussed the issue with British luger AJ Rosen.
Washington May 7 (ANI): Concerned by reports of an imminent threat to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal from the Taliban, US Senator Richard Luger has asked President Obama to force Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to ensure the safety of the nukes.