mineral oil

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a distillate of petroleum (especially one used medicinally as a laxative or stool softener)

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Heat flow through the piston crown to the lube oil and from the cylinder head to the cooling system is impaired.
Lately, however, the interest in venturing in lube oil industry has declined sharply.
Lube oil consumption outside of the 'Industrial Triad' is on the rise," says Peter Katz, publisher, "and there is a growing requirement for higher LOA levels in the automotive sector, which demands better quality lube oils for improved fuel economy, lower emission levels, and longer drain intervals for lubricants.
The price of crude oil, the raw material for lube oil already hit an all time high of more than US$ 41 per barrel, but lube oil producers maintained stability in the price of their products.
Meanwhile, private lube oil producers have stated that they will not lower their prices at least until the end of the second semester of 2001.
In New York, in 1985, he was inducted to the Lube Oil Hall of Fame.
Table - 1 Producers of lube oil and production capacity, 1999
Yukong currently purchases lube oil stocks for blending into end products at its Ulsan site.
ExxonMobil's Port Allen Lube Oil Blending Plant has demonstrated excellence in effective safety and health management," said OSHA Area Director Greg Honaker.
Tenders are invited for Gasket Lube Oil Out Let Water Pump/Stainer/Lube Oil Cooler/Rack Dlw Pt.
Part of the base oil production will be chanelled to the Lube Oil Blending Plants (LOBP) owned by other companies.
Products Company today announced that it purchased a lube oil blending and packaging plant and a light oil terminal located in Charleston, S.
Tenders are invited for NCTPS Stage II Mechanical II circle TM Division Sub Dn II Unit II Annual Overhauling 2015 16 Cleaning of TDBFP s lube oil Tank Centrifuge Duplex filters and its accessories Lube oil tank sump