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the Bantu language of the Buganda people

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0 inch multi-touch screen tri-lingual, runs in both Swahili and Luganda.
He said: "The people who are trying to run - of course for them they will point out well he's not Ugandan, he doesn't speak Luganda very well, you want to go back to the colonialists.
All interviews were held in Luganda, together with a woman local leader, a co-researcher who translated the questions verbatim as the interviews were in progress.
Steve Jean became the face of modern kadongo kamu as most of the songs that he produced for the predominantly Luganda singers became instant hits.
Pilkington's chief assistant in his translation work and played a major part in the production of the Luganda Bible.
However, in spite of the geographic isolation and imposed restrictions, the local Luganda (the language of central Uganda) newspaper at the time reported that although the Poles were Europeans, they acted warmly towards the Africans.
The groups living in these regions, the Baganda and Basoga, speak mutually intelligible languages respectively called Luganda and Lusoga.
The structured questionnaire was initially translated into Luganda, the local language understood by most people in the district.
This would have been unacceptable in Uganda at that time, and I am thankful that I was forced by the intractable concreteness of Luganda to ask myself time and time again what I really meant by a theological term.
In these ebimeeza ('round tables' in Luganda, also called 'people's parliaments') orators are engaged in practices of social distinction when compared to those they call the 'common men'.
Translated into Luganda, it became "kasozi ka Impala".
The entire consent form was read to the parent or guardian in the local language Luganda, or in English, as appropriate, and participants were given a copy of the consent form after signature or thumbprint was obtained.
A Luganda monthly newspaper with a Kiswahili edition, Sekanyolya, edited by Zefmiya Sentongo, an expatriate Buganda clerk who lived in Nairobi, published an English supplement entitled 'Indian versus Native Claims', which was considered an authentic indictment of Indians by Africans themselves.
Similar vowel harmony patterns obtain in Kalanga (Mathangwane, 1999) and Luganda (Hyman, 2004).
1 Luganda, Swahili, others Zambia 290,583 35 Lusaka English, 11,500,000 2 Bemba, Tonga, others Zimbabwe 150,873 36 Harare English, 13,300,000 1.