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the Bantu language of the Buganda people

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In this last translation he and his team almost certainly worked from the Nyoro Bible (1912) he had argued for, not the Luganda translation.
Although the local research assistants were fluent in both languages, the translation from Luganda into English while conducting the interview may have resulted in some inaccuracies.
Luganda names were usually given with some thought to their meaning such as an event surrounding the birth, a family relationship, or a characteristic of the child as he or she grew up.
Ugandan Finance Minister Ezra Suruma announced the reason for the ban on buveera (polythene bags in the Luganda dialect) during a recent budget speech.
The second is Katemba (urban theatre) music, originally a form of music included in court dramas performed for the Luganda court, which then spread into popular forums to become a distinct and massively popular genre called band music.
In Luganda newspapers and in petitions for elected chiefs, consultations with democratic synods and recognition for party organizations, activists experimented with new ways to organize people and structure opportunities and power.
Luganda says that several years ago local farming communities in Uganda could determine the onset of rains and their cessation with a fair amount of accuracy.
Sally Ibeere of Ski-Pix Kenya, introduced the idea of using Touch Screen Kiosks in rural information access, while Eva Rathgeber showed a CD-ROM developed in English and Luganda that is currently being used in rural as well as urban Uganda for literacy as well as ICT training.
English is spoken by most educated Ugandans, but the country has 33 native languages, with Luganda the closest to being a lingua franca.
Sizomu explained that ``aba'' means ``those who belong'' and ``yuda'' means ``Judah'' in the Luganda language.
Deo spoke to us in Luganda, but not to Peter, of course.
The languages spoken by the team include Creole, Luganda, Swahili, Fante, French, Ga, Gujarati, Hindu, Italian, Ndau, Nyanja, Shona, Spanish, Twi and Yoruba, reported New Vision.
A faint whiff of the acrid smell of her sweat drifts to my nostrils; and I see her and hear her sing lullabies to me in Luganda.
13] That soon changed as he committed himself day and night to reading a Bible that had been translated into his local Luganda language.
He notes that while there are ethnic differences in Uganda, indicated by the essays on Acholi orality and Luganda theater, Rose Mbowa, in her stage work and in her essay, presents a plea "for ethnic reconciliation based on a concept of a national culture that prides itself of [sic] the richness of different ethnic cultures instead of fanning their rivalries.