Loyalist Volunteer Force

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a terrorist group formed in 1996 in Northern Ireland

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He claimed the dealers were linked "absolutely directly" with the Loyalist Volunteer Force, a renegade terror group now linked to Adair and the UFF.
The Loyalist Volunteer Force leader's killers were transferred from the INLA wing in the Maze to Magilligan Jail earlier this week.
And, last night, the Loyalist Volunteer Force terror group declared its campaign of violence was over for good.
Shipyard worker Geoffrey Gray, 41, a former associate of murdered Loyalist Volunteer Force chief Billy Wright, was shot at point-blank range outside a house in East Belfast in October 2002.
Up to six households were ordered to quit the housing estate as part of a feud with the rival Loyalist Volunteer Force.
But the deal does not involve the breakaway Mid-Ulster based Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF).
Mr Rice worked at a club in Bangor and had been threatened by drug dealers linked to the Loyalist Volunteer Force, according to David Ervine, of the Progressive Unionist Party and a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Add to this simmering recipe one recently jail-released loyalist para-military gangster, gloatingly recalling a string of sectarian atrocities, successfully muscling in on Drumcree, proclaiming T-shirt support for the illegal UFF and smirking at a shots-in-the-air display by the Loyalist Volunteer Force.
It was claimed at the time that the killer, who was expelled by the UDA for siding with the rival Loyalist Volunteer Force, was left with no option but to expand his drugs empire on this side of the Irish Sea.
The rival Loyalist Volunteer Force has been blamed for yesterday's murder.
There was speculation that the men may have been victims of a Loyalist paramilitary feud between the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Loyalist Volunteer Force.
At first the internet pages give the impression that the site has been created by Wright's Loyalist Volunteer Force.
Sean Brown, 61, was shot dead by the Loyalist Volunteer Force after being abducted outside a GAA club in Bellaghy, Co Derry.
The UDA leadership became alarmed when Adair began siding openly with the splinter Loyalist Volunteer Force, the only gang to rival his own viciousness.
THE Loyalist Volunteer Force said yesterday it would go back to war if any harm came to its new leader, on remand in Maghaberry jail.