Loyalist Volunteer Force

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a terrorist group formed in 1996 in Northern Ireland

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The Dublin-based Sunday World newspaper, which the 51-year-old investigative reporter worked for, claimed it had the names of three Loyalist Volunteer Force members who were behind Mr O'Hagan's killing.
As family, friends and colleagues of the Sunday World reporter gathered in Lurgan, County Armagh for his funeral, SDLP Assembly member Brid Rodgers outlined plans to ask Dr Reid if he had enough evidence to declare the Loyalist Volunteer Force ceasefire over.
However, radical splinter groups such as the Loyalist Volunteer Force and the Irish National Liberation Army could shatter the tentative mood of hope with continued bombings and assassinations.
The killing was one of four during last year's feud between the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Loyalist Volunteer Force.
A FEUD between rival paramilitary groups ended last night as Loyalist Volunteer Force terrorists were stood down.
There had been intense speculation that the UVF's involvement in a bloody feud with the Loyalist Volunteer Force would prompt a parting of the ways with the PUP which has provided its political voice for more than a decade.
Mr Brown was kidnapped by the Loyalist Volunteer Force after he locked up a Gaelic football club in Bellaghy, Co Derry.
The attack was one of four shootings in less than 24 hours involving the UVF and its sworn enemies in the splinter Loyalist Volunteer Force.
On Friday night, the Loyalist Volunteer Force issued a statement that is was moving to prevent further attacks and yesterday David Ervine, leader of the Progressive Unionist, which is linked to the UVF, welcomed the statement.
Last week this newspaper reported how Dr Reid had ordered a root and branch investigation into the Loyalist Volunteer Force.
The Loyalist Volunteer Force, a paramilitary group in Mid-Ulster with close associations to the Ulster Defence Association, is suspected of shooting dead Mr O'Hagan.
He is James "Ron" Buchanan, former loyal aide to Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair, leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), and Gary Fulton, suspected leader of the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF).
Loyalist Volunteer Force inmate Alan Caufield and Lurgan Republican Martin Cordon were also transferred.
The founder of the Loyalist Volunteer Force was implicated in a string of brutal sectarian murders.
The victim, who was shot in the chest, is understood to be a high-ranking member of the Loyalist Volunteer Force.