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any of a group of cryptogamic organisms consisting principally of a thallus and thus showing no differentiation into stem and root and leaf

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Although weaker plants died before harvest because they were less competitive under a higher plant density, a lower plant density provided better conditions for proper growth.
As per Honeywell, SmartLine temperature transmitters lower plant lifecycle costs by making it easier to maintain field devices with their unique efficiency-enhancing features - such as an advanced graphic display capable of showing process data in graphical formats and communicating messages from the control room.
In epothilone binding site, lower plant compounds like Aclarubicin and Blasticidin showed better interaction in the wild type.
Similar to the effect of row spacing, plant height significantly increased at lower plant densities than the higher densities at 9 WAS in 2007 and for the combined mean.
The drive to reduce carbon emissions more economically is essential if manufacturers wish to lower plant operating costs and minimise impact on the environment.
This is helping to show that process manufacturers can reduce carbon emissions more economically, resulting in lower plant operating costs and reduced environmental impact.
The consequence of this behavior is that interruptions to output are more frequent as producers try to avoid inventory build-up which would ultimately lead to lower plant utilization rates.
The average total fresh weight/plant, the marketable fresh weight/plant and head size were higher at the lower plant density.
Part-load control results in lower demand above this capacity and slightly lower plant costs for some of the lower plant loads.
2] versus traditional foaming agents include potentially lower VOC (volatile organic content) level in the finished product, reduced fire risk, and lower plant emissions, the company explains.
The new Easiweigh Metal Detector Checkweigher delivers safety and accuracy, eliminating the requirement for two separate processes thus significantly saving on floor space and requiring lower plant investment.
The cool-operating high-intensity fluorescents led to substantially lower plant cooling costs.