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Synonyms for rainforest

a forest with heavy annual rainfall

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They take out the lower canopy, which is where grass fires would spread through the hillside.
Moose foraging plots had greater coverage of total shrub, moose shrub, and willow, lower canopy cover, and fewer trees than available and travelling plots; snow depth did not influence moose foraging activity.
Cut branches or raise the lower canopy to provide at least a 15-foot clearance from the roof or chimney.
Six lower canopy leaves have lasted more than a decade, while most upper leaves disappear within two or three years, she found.
Lindgren traps were hung in the lower canopy so that the funnels hung below the foliage.
arcuata was interesting in that the species starts out as a terrestrial but climbs vine-like into the lower canopy with the inflorescence often displaying overhead.
Although these features were selected for nesting, lower canopy cover, lower nest heights, and increased concealment in particular, appear to be maladaptive, and confer lower nest success.