Lower Peninsula

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the part of northern Michigan between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron

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7m of the state's 10m residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources sent 3,300 kill permits for deer to landowners in the state's Lower Peninsula.
Thirteen] 13 students took the challenge, and we hopped around the northwest part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan looking at, writing about, and drawing the geology and ecology of this perfect area of our state.
The Upper Peninsula has only 50 species per 2500 square kilometers, the northern Lower Peninsula has 63 species and the southern Lower Peninsula has 73 species.
This study focuses on specific concerns about postsecondary education access in three geographically diverse areas of the state: suburban Macomb County; the city of Saginaw; and six rural counties in the northeastern Lower Peninsula.
In the 1950's wildlife biologists began a reintroduction program in both the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
The Kirtland's warbler, whose distinctive male song can be heard up to a quarter mile away, nests primarily in jack pine forests in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
is now offering gigabit service to its Members in the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.
1, 2006, to include the entire states of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, more than doubling the quarantine area, which had included the lower peninsula of Michigan.
It now will be serving Mazak customers in the western half of the state's lower peninsula and the eastern portion of the upper peninsula (the remainder of the U.
Surveys in 1988 and 2003 located 167 and 220 Michigan pairs, respectively, but again they were restricted almost completely to the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula.
With a burst of lyrical song, male Kirtland's warblers establish command posts atop slender young pines, each tiny migrant summoned home to the Lower Peninsula by the fires of genetic renewal and an ageless will to survive.
Another big pipeline job Gibbs worked on was the 1,320-mile Great Lakes Pipeline that followed a route from Emerson, Manitoba, Canada, across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Mackinac Straits and down Michigan's Lower Peninsula into Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
There is a heavy weight on the end, followed by a couple of hard jolts as the carp jerks its head to shake the hook, then the fish heads toward the Lower Peninsula pulling 120 feet of line with it.
Consumer Power Company (CPC) and the Michigan State Utility Workers Council, bargaining for 22 locals of the Utility Workers Union, agreed to a 5-year contract that gives the company the unrestricted right to subcontract bargaining unit work in exchange for job security for 4,000 employees working throughout Michigan's lower peninsula.