Lower Paleolithic

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the oldest part of the Paleolithic Age with the emergence of the hand ax

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Now, researchers at Tel Aviv University have uncovered evidence which reveals that "modern" blade production was also an element of Amudian industry during the late Lower Paleolithic period, 200,000-400,000 years ago as part of the Acheulo-Yabrudian cultural complex, a geographically limited group of hominins who lived in modern-day Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
The Lower Paleolithic [earlier] hunters were skilled hunters of large game animals, as were Upper Paleolithic [later] humans at this site," says Mary C.
US) present papers studying long-term behavioral patterns in hunter-gatherer societies from the Lower Paleolithic to the present.
Thus, Copeland suggests that Lower Paleolithic sites perhaps ought to be classified by chronology and not by the traditional "coarseness" of the assemblage.
Laboratory head Toshiaki Kamada said the find was unearthed Tuesday in a stratum 30 centimeters lower than the spot where three Lower Paleolithic tools were found 3 meters below a layer dating back 600,000 years in late October.