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one of the two main administrative districts of Egypt

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Resuming train journeys between Cairo and Upper Egypt has been postponed depending on the successful re-operation of trains serving Lower Egypt," said a security source.
From The Cathedral of te Holy Virgin in Port Said, Lower Egypt, to The Tomb of Ibrahim and Girgis al-Guhari in Old Cairo, to The Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel in Fayyum, Upper Egypt, to Churches in Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple in Luxor, "The Churches Of Egypt" is a truly extraordinary volume that with the inclusion of a Glossary, Notes, Bibliographic References, Bibliography, and Index, make it a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal and academic library collections, as well as being an especially appropriate 'Memorial Fund' acquisition selection for community libraries.
Before 3100BC when King Menes of Upper Egypt united the realms and established the first dynasty of pharaohs, Ancient Egypt was divided into two settlements - Lower Egypt in the Nile's delta and Upper Egypt along the river valley.
some 500 years before the pyramids were built--is considered the first pharaoh of the First Dynasty, the first royal family to control both Upper and Lower Egypt in a unified kingdom.
Incidence of WPV type 1 (P1) decreased from seven cases in 2002 (six from Lower Egypt and Greater Cairo and one from Upper Egypt) to one in 2003, reported in June from Abu Korkas District, Menia Governorate (Upper Egypt).
It continues to go onwards and upwards for future Champion Hurdle hero Alderbrook, as he gets the better of Lower Egypt in the Group 3 Select Stakes at Goodwood.
Together the vulture and the cobra signify the union of Upper and Lower Egypt and were the standard symbols of the pharaoh.
The deal will initially emphasise coverage of all populated areas along the Nile River from Upper to Lower Egypt, with specific focus on introducing capacity to urban areas such as Cairo and Alexandria.
The rose granite dream stela shows the Pharaoh, wearing the crowns of upper and lower Egypt, offering incense and oil to a muscular sphinx.
The unification of Upper and Lower Egypt marked the start of the dynastic period, around 3000 B.
Horus is identified as the god of light and rules over Lower Egypt (the northern half), whereas Seth is identified with the god of darkness and rules over Upper Egypt (the southern half) (Griffiths 126-27).
2925-2775 BC), Horus and the god Seth were understood to be perpetual antagonists who were reconciled in the harmony of Upper and Lower Egypt.
He mentions that local merchant houses, such as Bayt al-Hilali and Bayt al-Jawhari, kept on the best possible terms with the provincial Turkish establishment, acting on occasion as private bankers to the governor-general and feeding him and his subordinates with information about grain prices in Cairo and Lower Egypt.
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