Lower Carboniferous

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from 345 million to 310 million years ago

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This in turn can be correlated with the lower part of the Brigantian Stage of the Visean Series of the Mississippian (= Lower Carboniferous in European terminology).
Devonian and Lower Carboniferous conodonts of the Eurasia: Assemblages, zonal subdivisions, correlation of different facies sediments (Gladenkov, Yu.
The Lower Carboniferous period, lasting from 360 million to 320 million years ago, saw many important evolutionary changes in reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.
Oil production in the area comes from Devonian marine carbonate rocks and lower Carboniferous sandstones and siltstones, notably the prolific Bobrikovsky Formation, an oil-producing formation found elsewhere in the Saratov Region.
Basin configuration, sedimentary facies, and resource potential of the Lower Carboniferous Horton Group, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
Microconchid patch reefs, bioherms, and biostromes are known from the Lower Carboniferous (Tournaisian) of Cumberland and Roxburghshire (Leeder 1973).
Ireland's Lower Carboniferous limestones host important, very good grade, zinc and lead mineralization including the three mines currently in operation.
Oxyprora irregulare (Koninck 1842), from the Lower Carboniferous of Belgium and from the Lower Carboniferous of the United Kingdom (Hind 1900), is similar to O.
During the Lower Carboniferous period, when the creature lived, the earliest four-limbed ancestors of modern animals were just starting to colonise the land.
Wood's Fossils in West Lothian, Scotland, and co-workers at The University at Newcastle upon Tyne discovered amphibian, arthropod and plant fossils in the Lower Carboniferous (320 to 360 million years ago) layers of the East Kirkton Limestone in Scotland.
FME's 11 exploration permits, totaling 4,874 km2, cover Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous sediments/volcanics and their unconformable contact with underlying Palaeoproterozoic metasediments, and granitoids of Proterozoic and Silurian to Early Devonian ages.
Also notably absent as clasts, even in Windsor Group conglomerates, are Lower Carboniferous gabbroic rocks of the Lennox Passage-St.
The partners have proven and tested gas in Lower Carboniferous and Upper Devonian sandstones.
Lower Carboniferous limestones host significant zinc, lead mineralization in Ireland, which supplies a significant proportion of Western Europe's zinc and lead requirements.