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Synonyms for Cambrian

from 544 million to about 500 million years ago

a native or resident of Wales

of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language


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Anomalocaris [of unknown affinity] and Tuzoia [a possible arthropod] from the Lower Cambrian Eager Formation near Cranbrook, British Columbia: Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin, v.
Low-temperature diagenetic illite-smectite in Lower Cambrian clays in North Estonia // Clay Minerals.
Palaeobiological significance of Plagiogmus arcuatus from the lower Cambrian of central Australia.
The canal system in sclerites of Lower Cambrian Sinasachites (Halkieridae: Sachitida): significance for the molluscan affinities of the sachitids.
Mineralization here is hosted in sedimentary rocks of the Lower Cambrian Harkness formation and tends to be disseminated and relatively widespread.
Small shelly fossils from the argillaceous facies of the Lower Cambrian Forteau Formation of western Newfoundland.
In the Kunda klint bay the Kunda buried valley cuts through Middle and Lower Ordovician hard carbonate rocks into Lower Ordovician and Lower Cambrian terrigeneous rocks.
Lingulate brachiopods represent a class of marine invertebrates (Lingulata Gorjansky & Popov) existing from the Lower Cambrian to the present (Holmer & Popov 2000).
Mineralization here is hosted in sedimentary rocks of the Lower Cambrian Harkness formation, and tends to be disseminated and relatively widespread.
In order to compare the age spectra of detrital zircon from sandstones, particularly of pre-Early Cambrian and of post-Cambrian intervals, we dated detrital zircon grains obtained from the Ediacaran and Lower Cambrian (Stage 2; early Tommotian) sandstones of central Baltica.
The oldest macroborings in the world are Lower Cambrian Trypanites, which are small, simple borings that have been reported from archeocyathid reefs in Labrador (James et al.
The host rocks range from lower Cambrian to Lower Devonian and Mississippian in age.
This paper focuses on upper lower Cambrian (provisional Cambrian Series 2) trilobites from the Beishan area, northwestern Gansu Province of China.