Lower California

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a mountainous peninsula on northwest Mexico

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The authorities in Mexico issued a warning of a tropical storm and expectation of a hurricane in the southern part of the Lower California peninsula and the coastal area, Los Cabos, is likely to be hit by strong winds and torrential rains.
Descriptions of apparently new species and subspecies of mammals from California, Oregon, the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and Lower California, Mexico.
When white men first invaded the West, they found the brown bighorns wherever there was dry, rough country with areas free from timber, from the first suitable mountains south of the Peace River in British Columbia clear to the tip of Lower California in Mexico and to the barren desert mountains opposite Tiburon Island in Sonora.
New species of polychaetous annelids in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History, from Puerto Rico, Florida, Lower California, and British Somaliland.
Xx, x Xxxx xxxx Ebenezer, see the chick from lower California Xx xx, Xxx--xx xxxxx I can't start my computer, Lonnie Xxxxxxxx, xx xxx my old horse is named after a moon of Jupiter Xxxxx, xxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx Tessa, wash orchestra conductor Zubin's hound
Clearly, for groups involved in interstate commerce, careful planning can result in a lower California tax by using multiple corporations.
Sea otters were heavily hunted in the North Pacific as well, and when the returns from these hunts began to dwindle, a Russian-American coalition (1803-1812) and independent Russian hunters (1809-1823) heavily exploited southern sea otters, Enhydra lutris, in addition to northern and Guadalupe fur seals, Callorhinus ursinus and Arctocephalus townsendi, respectively, along the Pacific coast of both Upper and the Lower California.
To the south there are other provinces called Disraeli, Hanover, Upper and Lower California and Texas.
28) The lower California court held that this prohibition violated First Amendment principles guaranteeing individuals the right of association.
Walker, a sometime lawyer, doctor, and newspaper editor, had seized Lower California in 1853 and made himself president.
He was deposed (1526), then recalled to Spain and received with honors (1528); in a return to Mexico he discovered Lower California (1536).
The Casa de Cultura, to one side of the plaza, houses as part of its library collection the comprehensive History of Lower California.
Notes on the breeding coastal and insular birds of central Lower California.
Geological Survey lists more than 30 "Antelope" place names in California south of Parallel 38[degrees] North, (6) pronghorn were extirpated from southern California prior to 1950, and the species is now endangered in Lower California (O'Gara and Yoakum 2004).