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Synonyms for Lowell

United States poet (1917-1977)

United States astronomer whose studies of Mars led him to conclude that Mars was inhabited (1855-1916)

United States poet (1874-1925)


United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)

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Of the merits of the Lowell Offering as a literary production, I will only observe, putting entirely out of sight the fact of the articles having been written by these girls after the arduous labours of the day, that it will compare advantageously with a great many English Annuals.
In this brief account of Lowell, and inadequate expression of the gratification it yielded me, and cannot fail to afford to any foreigner to whom the condition of such people at home is a subject of interest and anxious speculation, I have carefully abstained from drawing a comparison between these factories and those of our own land.
Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD, in "Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire: A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character" (New York: Alfred A.
In 1961, twentysomething Sandra Hochman interviewed forty-three-year-old poet Robert Lowell for Encounter magazine.
Had Lowell labored to protect his own privacy, had he agreed with his friend Elizabeth Bishop's statement about so-called Confessional Poetry, "You just wish they'd keep some of these things to themselves," the case might be different.
Scion of an old New England family with a history of mental illness, Lowell was able to transform his illness into art, becoming one of the 20th century's most significant American poets.
A five-year deal has been inked by French resource management company Veolia with Lowell Energy AD for the operations and maintenance of its Lowell Energy Anaerobic Digester.
Sitting on the couch, watching the TV, was a young woman Lowell had never seen before.
com)-- 19 Craft Breweries hosted in 19 local businesses attracted over 500 attendees to historic Downtown Lowell last Saturday for Made In Lowell's 2nd annual Craft Beer Walk.
Locally governed and managed with 160 years of strength and stability, The Lowell Five is a service-oriented community bank with 16 convenient locations across New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
LOWELL - Phyrun Keo, 64, of Lowell, died Sunday, March 10, 2013.
The house has long since left the Lowell domain, and has been used as the residence of Harvard University's President.
Recently it struck me that I was one of the many who had read Amy Lowell only in anthologies, and that further investigation was needed.
LOWELL - A post office in the community of Lowell is the fourth mail center in Lane County to be targeted by burglars in recent weeks.
participated in this year's Rebuilding Together Lowell program.