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Synonyms for productivity

Synonyms for productivity

the quality of being efficient


Synonyms for productivity

the quality of being productive or having the power to produce

(economics) the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time

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This dark cloud of low productivity does not hang over all firms.
It seems likely there are four other reasons for the UK's low productivity.
According to him, clashing behaviour amongst the various construction eco-system players was also responsible for the continuing low productivity.
They would expect a high return on investment from areas with low productivity and bad performance, while large Japanese companies would pursue assets that produce high revenues.
Rural poverty due to low productivity forces women succumb to prostitution which leads to venereal diseases and AIDS.
It argues that while raising the continent's low productivity levels is essential, this is a more complex matter than has often been projected.
Abid Mehmood, Director General Agriculture Research said that the country was facing challenges including food insecurity, malnutrition and low productivity.
Global Banking News-May 21, 2015--Britain to take steps to control low productivity
ACTU President Ged Kearney said the study provided hard evidence that claims by the Abbott government and employers about high wages and low productivity were not true.
Thus low productivity causes drinking rather than the other way around.
The Office for National Statistics said low productivity growth seems to be pushing wages down.
Washington, Safar 17, 1435, Dec 20, 2013, SPA -- The economic growth rate in Brazil is expected to slow slightly in 2014, as insufficient investment and low productivity persist, officials at the National Confederation of Industries (CNI) said Thursday.
Low productivity negatively impacts rural living conditions.
The author names the main challenges for conducting the reclamation activities, which are the physical degradation of the irrigation infrastructure; low productivity of the irrigated lands; low level of monitoring; poor condition of technologies; and other.
LAHORE -- Cross breeding is being focused to overcome a challenge of low productivity of livestock animals in the country.
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