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Synonyms for lumbago

backache affecting the lumbar region or lower back


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No accurate diagnosis can be made for 85% of the patients who suffer from low back pain which affects two thirds of the adult population during certain periods of their lives.
Low back pain presents itself in various forms with signs and symptoms ranging from dull localised pain in lumbar sacral region to severe pain in back radiating to lower limbs, numbness, loss of movement.
When a physical therapist examines a patient for low back pain, "if the symptoms are not affected by position or mechanical movement, that is a red flag, and the therapist may refer the person to a regular physician for further evaluation," Cirullo said.
Other red flags for systemic disease include unexplained weight loss, fevers, or sweats; age over 50 years; low back pain present for longer than 6 weeks; or pain that's unresponsive to treatment.
Education -- Pregnant women with lumbopelvic pain should be provided with adequate information on low back pain and how to avoid it.
Low back pain is something that almost all people experience at some point in their lives.
In a subset of patients with only low back pain (N=51), a sustained and highly significant reduction from an average baseline score of 7.
Low back pain is usually caused by minor damage to the ligaments and muscles in the back due to a minor injury (e.
Low back pain is a nonspecific term that describes the symptom of pain in the lumbar region.
The purpose of the clinical trial is to investigate ReActiv8 as a treatment for adults with debilitating Chronic Low Back Pain who have few other treatment options.
The scientists, who studied data from the Global Burden of Disease 2010 study, found that out of all 291 conditions, low back pain came top of the league table in terms of years lost to disability and ranked as the greatest contributor to disability in 12 of the 21 world regions, and the greatest contributor to overall burden in Western Europe and Australasia.
The present study demonstrated that treatment with intravenous magnesium followed by oral magnesium over a 6-week period improved pain intensity and lumbar spine mobility during a 6-month period in patients with refractory chronic low back pain with a neuropathic component.
Acupuncture for chronic low back pain in long-term follow-up: a meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials.
The differential diagnosis between mechanical and inflammatory disease in patients with low back pain is usually difficult and the presence of sclerosis may be confusing.
Up to 80 percent of us will experience a form of low back pain at some point in our lives.