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set lower

make lower or quieter

look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval

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LOURES, Portugal, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Hovione announced today the signature of an agreement where Sankyo Company Ltd, (Tokyo, Japan) and Biota Holdings Ltd (Melbourne, Australia) have jointly licensed Hovione's dry powder inhaler technology for the delivery of long acting neuraminidase inhibitors (LANI) owned by Sankyo and Biota, which are active against the influenza virus.
The Loures and the Macau sites have been presented with GMP Certificates issued by an EU Medicines Agency evidencing for a specified list of 20 APIs that they operate in compliance with GMP as defined by ICHQ7a - the certificates are valid for 3 years.
Hovione Cork will employ 70-80 staff and will, over the next 24 months be transferring products from its Loures, Portugal site and validating processes for new compounds in expectation of drug approval.
The first step of the plan was the acquisition of a formulation facility adjacent to the current process chemistry and particle engineering facility in Loures, Portugal.
Referring to the new advances (pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP), Dr Luiz Loures, deputy director of the United Nation's AIDS agency, UNAIDS, said, "We now know that treatment, in addition to saving lives, may become a major tool in terms of preventing the expansion of the AIDS expansion.
The lights will act as a conversation starter for people to talk about the harmful link between sexual and gender-based violence against women and HIV," said Luiz Loures, Director of Political and Public Affairs, UNAIDS in Geneva on Wednesday.
Born in 1990, Tiago Manuel Dias Correia, better known by his nickname Bebe, was signed by Portuguese Second Division side Estrela da Amadora in the summer of 2009 having previously played for amateur side Loures.
And Bebe, who has dragged himself from the streets of Loures, near Lisbon, to one of the world's biggest sides, has set his sights on emulating fellow countryman Ronaldo and becoming the Premier League's leading light.
Boro will face either GS Loures, or Sporting Clube de Portugal in the third place play-off or final.
Canada and England in mid-March because they prefer imported beer made in its country of origin," says Alexandre Loures, an AmBev spokesman in Rio.
Today's announcement is in conjunction with Odlaug's presentation at Hovione's 50th anniversary commemoration at Hovione's headquarters in Loures, Portugal.
Hovione announced today the installation of a new large scale spray drying unit in Loures, Portugal.
There is no reason Cade should contest the Interbrew AmBev deal," says Alexandre Viera Loures, AmBev's foreign communications manager, "given that it's a body that concerns itself with market concentration and given that Interbrew's beer exports now account for .