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set lower

make lower or quieter

look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval

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Neither Mr Forsyth nor Mr Loures were fired from their jobs: Mr Forsyth resigned and Mr Loures decided not to renew his contract after his case was made public.
Hovione, an international group dedicated to the cGMP development and manufacture of APIs, IMPs and MPs, serving exclusively the pharmaceutical industry, has received a good manufacturing practice and post-market approval inspection for its plant in Loures, by the US Food and Drug Administration.
We can get to the end of the epidemic because we have treatments and ways to control the infection," said Loures, who is in Panama to discuss AIDS strategy with UN agencies in Latin America.
Canada and England in mid-March because they prefer imported beer made in its country of origin," says Alexandre Loures, an AmBev spokesman in Rio.
We're fortunate in that we own the mall that includes the Loures hypermarket, something rare for Carrefour," explains Baptista.
Today's announcement is in conjunction with Odlaug's presentation at Hovione's 50th anniversary commemoration at Hovione's headquarters in Loures, Portugal.
Announcement of procedure: provision of preventive control services for urban pests (murids and species of the insecta and arachnidae classes), in the territorial area of the municipality of loures, to be carried out for a period of two years
The future Hospital Loures is seen to have a significant impact on the company's earnings performance, parent Espirito Santo Financial Group SA (LUX: ESTL) said yesterday in a filing with Portugal's bourse regulator CMVM.
During the next two years, Hovione will transfer in products from its Loures, Portugal site and validate processes for new compounds in expectation of drug approval.
There is no reason Cade should contest the Interbrew AmBev deal," says Alexandre Viera Loures, AmBev's foreign communications manager, "given that it's a body that concerns itself with market concentration and given that Interbrew's beer exports now account for .
Contract awarded for Provision of services for the continuous supply of hot and cold meals and local confectionery for students, Hot and cold meals and local confectionery for adults, Snacks, Picnics and the supply of disposable kits in school cafeterias of the basic education and kindergartens of the municipality of loures
Viney will lead Hovione's sales and marketing efforts outside North America and is based at Hovione headquarters in Loures, Portugal.
Gary Loures and Jim Loures, former owners of the affiliated companies, will be staying on as part of Rural/Metro to run the New Jersey and New York City operations.
The two companies, operating as Grupo Progresso Foster Wheeler (GPFW), are constructing the facility in Loures, to the north of Lisbon, for Valorizacao e Tratamento de Residuos Solidos da Area Metropolitana de Lisboa (Norte), S.
to design, build and supply the mass-burn, municipal solid waste-to-energy plant to be established in Loures, Portugal.