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a cone-shaped acoustic device held to the mouth to intensify and direct the human voice

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Generally, sensitive zone of electronic dictionary exists on the LCD screen, power zone, loudhailer, keystroke zone and crust.
MPs, along with House of Commons staff, have become angry at his use of a loudhailer to shout slogans at them.
THE minority Labour Assembly Government is currently conducting negotiations by loudhailer through the press rather than working in partnership for the best governance for all of Wales," opines Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones.
They tell shy Jacob to use a loudhailer to make himself heard and mum and dad to settle arguments via computer games - and as appealing as this latter idea sounds to a full on Grand Theft Auto 3-addict - we all know it just won't work when it comes to decisions on money, jobs and sex.
With his grotesque top hat and gold lame suit, Sutch blared his barmy army's madcap policies through a rusty loudhailer from one corner of the land to the other.
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -161 & Work No: Loudhailer
I'm not suggesting that running around Brixton with a loudhailer using the n-word should be allowed, but people must be able to say the unsayable without fear of persecution.
We were walking along the front when a car went by with a loudhailer claiming Newcastle United were playing Benidorm," said Joe.
The kit, which the MoD says will mostly be used as a loudhailer to make boats stop on the Thames, was seen this week fixed to a landing craft on the river at Westminster.
FREEDOM of speech activist Kieran Wadsworth upset after scuffle with Huddersfield police officers: F1Yorkie: "Have you thought that people wanting to carry out their shopping in a quiet and civilised manner, may not want someone with a loudhailer screeching at them about 'civil liberties'?
He argued that for the order to be lawful he needed to be aware of it, and that due to the loud noise of the crowd and the loudhailer he was using, he had not heard Insp Tennant.
A knot of police surrounded Sadi to prevent him using a loudhailer to address the crowd, while a number of arrests were made.
Or do we need a policeman with a loudhailer to coax you into doing it?
No longer with the loudhailer vocal of G W Sok but instead the more melodic Arnold de Boer was backed up by a roving brass quartet, The Ex was as incredible and explosive as ever.
Loudhailer vans will be touring the area over the bank holiday, including holiday and caravan parks where there will be visitors to the area, making sure everyone gets the message.