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a cone-shaped acoustic device held to the mouth to intensify and direct the human voice

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How ironic that it was the Republican Texan tough guy George W Bush who stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center and promised through a loudhailer to track down and take Bin Laden "dead or alive".
We want to see the benefit of our oil wealth distributed evenly," one protester yelled over a loudhailer near the port.
We want to see the benefit of our oil wealth distributed evenly to the population," one protester yelled over a loudhailer near the port.
Or do we need a policeman with a loudhailer to coax you into doing it?
Resident Vivien Hawkins, 78, said: "We had loudhailer announcements then got a booklet through the door telling us to douse all fires and close all windows.
Police confirmed during a patrol of the area a man was spoken to about his use of a loudhailer, but no offences were believed to have been committed at the time.
Farocki disentangles the political and martial origins of archival footage, while Graham's film installations--including the awesome 35-mm projectors of Loudhailer and Rheinmetall/Victoria 8, both 2003, and the exposed calligraphic cascades of the looping system of Coruscating Cinnamon Granules, 1996--enmesh their images in material presence.
Generally, the sensitive zones of electronic dictionary are the LCD screen, power zone, loudhailer, keystroke zone and crust.
MPs, along with House of Commons staff, have become angry at his use of a loudhailer to shout slogans at them.
THE minority Labour Assembly Government is currently conducting negotiations by loudhailer through the press rather than working in partnership for the best governance for all of Wales," opines Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones.
They tell shy Jacob to use a loudhailer to make himself heard and mum and dad to settle arguments via computer games - and as appealing as this latter idea sounds to a full on Grand Theft Auto 3-addict - we all know it just won't work when it comes to decisions on money, jobs and sex.
With his grotesque top hat and gold lame suit, Sutch blared his barmy army's madcap policies through a rusty loudhailer from one corner of the land to the other.
Eyewitness Natalja Taylor, 30, said police drove up the beach with a loudhailer, urging people to stay out of the sea.
I'm not suggesting that running around Brixton with a loudhailer using the n-word should be allowed, but people must be able to say the unsayable without fear of persecution.
Sound design is inventive, with loudhailer announcements to provide Big Brother (another Orwell creation) style announcements and the live guitar provides great atmosphere at key moments.