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a globular water bottle used in Asia

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We will make the best use of our resources to facilitate training of national job seekers preparing them for successfully handling the requirements of today's dynamic corporate environment," said Feddah Lotah, General Manager, Tanmia.
We soon discovered a secret society, one of closeted lotah users.
During the project, one of the participants, let's call him T, finally confessed to his white roommate that he had secretly been using a lotah.
I sat down with Sa'dia in her Brooklyn apartment during one of the lotah community parties leading up to the installation's opening.
While I was discussing the installation with my friends, they would be very excited and they would start telling me their funny lotah stories.
I was using water bottle labels because these were common things that a lot of Pakistani use when they hide the fact that they use a lotah in a public restroom.
The hut is one of the most prominent landmarks at the Satwiwa site, south of Newbury Park in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, and provides an important link to the past, said Kote Lotah, a Chumash who has built the last few aps on the site.
The construction of a new one likely will begin sometime in January, Lotah said.
The ap measures 20 feet across and took eight months to build, Lotah said.
Lotah has been building the huts since he was a child.
Kote Lotah was the spiritual leader, Whitebear and Wan-Sak the security chiefs, and business was handled through councils of the men and women.
Omar Mohammed Lotah, Executive Director of APTC said his organisation is authorised body to crack down on illegal transportation.
It is worth noting that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, honored 8 winners; individuals and companies, of the 2nd Islamic Economy Award, in addition to the Life-time Achievement Award to Hajj Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lotah, founder of Dubai Islamic bank after they had been selected by a prestigious committee that includes a number of heads and dignitaries from several countries.