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However, it is clear from opinion across the board that to remove Lords Spiritual would be unpalatable for too many.
He (8) occupies a position analogous to the Lords Spiritual in the House of Lords--an official representative of the national church who sits, debates, and votes in the national legislature.
The Lords Spiritual includes the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester.
Even my own Bill about council services starts off: "Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal.
The monarch would not be head of the church and if the House of Lords is reformed there would no longer be Lords Spiritual.
Archbishops normally sit in the House of Lords when they retire or resign as it is their right as one of the Lords Spiritual in the established church.
Why the Lords Spiritual should erupt at the arrival of a Welsh bishop in the truncated House of Lords, I fail to comprehend.
Miss Widdecombe said that, although bishops were allowed to sit as lords spiritual in the upper house, MPs had far greater demands on their time than peers.
Unlike Councillor Keith Dewison I do not mind bishops of the Church of England claiming to be Lords Spiritual.
As to the removal of the Lords Spiritual it would remind me of the ditty in the Mikado that they never would be missed.
Bishop Santer, who retires on May 31 after nearly 15 years service in the city, said it raised controversial questions over the future of the Lords Spiritual within the House of Lords.
The Accession Council of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, Privy Councillors and the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors of the City of London arranged when they met at St James' Palace yesterday afternoon for her to be proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II.
It emerged as a distinct house in the 14th century, comprising religious leaders, the Lords Spiritual, and peers, the Lords Temporal.
He will be led in a procession by his supporters, the other Lords Spirituals in clerical vestments, through the chamber where the ancient ceremony takes place.