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the prayer that Christ gave his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:9-13)

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He hung them on the wall by the side of his bed, and he was still to be heard every evening reciting the Lord's Prayer, in incomprehensible words and in a slow, fervent tone, as he had heard his old father do at the head of all the kneeling family, big and little, on every evening of his life.
If the change that you must see in me after so long an absence--must see, for I, upon whom it has come by slow and hard degrees, see it and know it well--will not move you to pity, let the knowledge that bread; not the daily bread of the Lord's Prayer, which, as it is offered up in cities like this, is understood to include half the luxuries of the world for the rich, and just as much coarse food as will support life for the poor--not that, but bread, a crust of dry hard bread, is beyond my reach today--let that have some weight with you, if nothing else has.
The Lord's Prayer "Our Father, which art"--set the seal on that desolation.
THE Church of England was hoping to advertise the Lord's Prayer in a chain of cinemas, but this has been refused as it's believed to cause offence for those of different political persuasions as well as those of differing faiths or of no faith.
Victor Frankenstein, but no Lord's Prayer IT is with sadness dismay and anger as a Christian to read that the cinema authorities have banned the showing of the Lords prayer at a time when Jesus birth is about to be celebrated the feeble excuse used that it might offend other faiths.
An example is the recent cinema advert featuring The Lord's Prayer and the controversy is caused.
THE head of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland has backed calls for the Lord's Prayer ad to be shown in cinemas.
Major cinemas across the country have been criticised by the church for banning an advert showing the Lord's Prayer, and displaying the "true meaning of Christmas".
Bunyan himself resisted conformity to The Book of Common Prayer to the point that in I Will Pray with the Spirit, which he wrote in 1663 while in prison for unlicensed preaching, he railed against the use of set forms of prayer, including the Lord's Prayer.
Although the denominational affiliations of Baylor's constituency were not part of Faith and Order, nor are they presently members of the WCC, Wainwright's presence and lecture, both in spirit and in substance, signal the necessity for faith, hope and love to ignite and propel the next season and stages of the modern ecumenical movement, with baptism, the Lord's prayer and the eucharist as the lodestars.
The Argentinian Pope placed a note bearing the Lord's Prayer in his native Spanish in a crack in Jerusalem's Western Wall, known as the Wailing Wall.
Holding hands during the Lord's Prayer was taken for granted in my years of high school youth ministry, and by the time I graduated from college, pretty much everyone held hands in my home parish.
The Greens specifically point to the Lord's Prayer.
Sir Cliff Richard may record another Scots song 14 years after he sang the Lord's Prayer to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.
had agreed to stop saying the Lord's Prayer to open its meetings, she was glad--but not surprised.