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Austrian architect (1870-1933)


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The success comes in the 2017 Loo of the Year Awards which aims to give public conveniences a cleaner image.
The worlds first computerised musical loo came to Coventry and 18-year old David Tunnicliffe couldn't resist singing along.
Loo of the Year Awards organiser Mike Bone, said: "The toilets at The Hedgeford Lodge have been designed and fitted out to a very high standard and are both clean and well maintained.
On World Toilet Day, the lid was lifted on St John's Shopping Centre achieving a platinum star rating in the 2015 Loo of the Year Awards.
Haig blamed the British Expeditionary Force's (BEF's) commander in chief, Sir John French, for failing to commit reserve troops in time to aid the 1st Army at Loos.
so anyway there was my pal Elaine dashing in to use the loo at The Abbatoir, the Undebelly bar, where despair hit when she found there was only one cludgie - and it was broken.
The loos make their first public appearance tomorrow at a gala day at a Beaumont Park.
se puede decir que los trescientos arquitectos elegidos representan en efecto la fisonomia actual de la arquitectura mundial y que, desde un examen concreto de esta galeria, una persona culta podria educarse en la comprension de la historia de la arquitectura, desde Sant'Elia, Loos y Wright hasta nuestros dias" (9).
The British Toilet Association fears hundreds of public loos are under threat from such cuts.
An Education department spokesman said private schools have no rules about loos and no one complains.
A TOWN council has been accused of flushing ratepayers' cash down a very expensive public loo.
The Wetherspoon pubs in the capital have won acclaim for the quality and standards of their loos in the annual toilet appreciation awards.
India, May 15 -- If men ever found out how much time and energy women spend mulling about loos when they travel, they'd be flabbergasted.
Cutting-edge technology has enabled Germany-based Loos International to manufacture 1,500 quality boiler systems in a year for every industrial and commercial application.
London, July 21 (ANI): English model Rebecca Loos has become a proud mother of a baby boy.