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an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property


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Avalara -- the fast-growing provider of on-demand sales tax calculation services targeting small and mid-sized businesses, today officially announced its launch of AvaRates NOW(TM) -- a free, map-enhanced, rate look-up tool that provides accurate rates for any North American location, real-time.
For more details about Postcode Anywhere's worldwide address look-up apps for customer relationship management (CRM) software including Salesforce CRM and NetSuite, please see www.
Licensing: Custom license enforcement available on cloud-based look-ups so service may be turned on or off on a per-user basis when licenses are added or expired
MetaTrial Look-Up also reduces the number of data clarification queries that must be issued and resolved because of misspellings.
Demonstrating the power of Yellow Pages in a buying decision, 87 percent of "Pest Control" look-ups result in a purchase (1).
Purebreed owners will appreciate the inclusion of slang, nicknames, and common terms as well as technical terms, while chapter organizations by clear topic ('gait', 'working dogs', 'grooming') make for very easy look-ups of any information.
Oxford tracked a huge jump in overall usage of selfie, but Merriam-Webster stuck primarily to look-ups on its website, recording a 176 percent increase for science when compared with last year.
She added: "I've created an 'urban hike' activity to work with local people to create their own LookUp project and I'd love to come back to Cardiff with this and get more Look-Ups using people's local knowledge.
Delivering instant results, the Hotspot Finder's interactive maps include location-based look-ups of hotspot venues.
A new Free Time function encourages kids to spend more time reading and tracks their reading time, vocabulary look-ups, and gives achievement badges when they reach milestones.
Furthermore, SoftCo's flexible Document Importer supports a variety of programming languages to enable advanced indexing look-ups and data verification.
An encyclopedic A-Z format lends well to quick look-ups, but the information is detailed enough to provide powerful introductory information backed by bibliographic references, make it both an all-in-one choice and an introduction for further research.
Familiar Microsoft Windows layout screens provide an intuitive user interface offering drop-down menus, a fast autocomplete feature for quick and easy look-ups, and detailed Help files within the program.
Right now NIPR's two highest-volume areas are PDB look-ups, and appointments and terminations, Waggoner said.
Web access to Security to Entity Cross-Walk offers clients the ability to conduct individual look-ups and on-the-fly searches, providing added convenience, scalability and cost efficiency for companies with distributed offices and end-users.