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an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property


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Look-ups have been enhanced with an improved Vocabulary Builder.
Right now NIPR's two highest-volume areas are PDB look-ups, and appointments and terminations, Waggoner said.
Web access to Security to Entity Cross-Walk offers clients the ability to conduct individual look-ups and on-the-fly searches, providing added convenience, scalability and cost efficiency for companies with distributed offices and end-users.
Morpheus includes free Bitzi anti-spoofing look-ups so that consumers find what they want and avoid downloading bogus or spoofed files.
A graphical user interface has pull-down menus, hot look-ups, and seamless integration with MS Office and lab instrumentation.
The POS module within VISION is designed to provide full register capability, including price look-ups, discounts, customer-special pricing, periodic sales and frequent-buyer or award points tracking.
com to perform business and residential searches, reverse address searches and reverse phone searches as well as additional features including: neighborhood look-ups, importing contact information into Microsoft Outlook and performing merges into letters, envelopes, labels, faxes and other documents.
No tickets were lost and the look-ups proved successful.
for Web users experience the key features of contact management and sales force automation such as the ability to track up to 255 fields of customer information; quick look-ups using the hyperlink on each field label; daily, weekly and monthly calendar views fo r individuals, selected users, or the entire workgroup; access to activity and sales reports to get instant summaries of ACT
They let FileNET Capture be extended to encompass handprint (ICR) and machine print (OCR) recognition, with look-ups, validations and formatted data output to legacy systems.
The InfoWeb service provides full-text searching with the ability to subscribe/buy, email notifications and alerts, Web site access, and delivery of digital content, along with a Publisher Administrative Site to process offline (telephone, fax, and email) orders, customer look-ups, security access controls, real-time r eporting, content management and uploading, and more.
In addition to preferred-term mapping, explosion, and keyword-focusing techniques, experienced searchers can use new Advanced Search features, such as pull-down field indexes and searchable look-ups.
Users can fine-tune their searches by searching specific fields and by using new field indexes and searchable look-ups to pinpoint specific authors and device or drug names and manufacturers.
The legislation amending the DPPA replaced the existing "opt-out" system for individual look-ups and bulk distributions of personal information for surveys, marketing, or solicitations with an "opt-in" system.
If these genetaceuticals can cure the yips, shanks and look-ups, then they'll deserve their ranking.