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Synonyms for loofah

the dried fibrous part of the fruit of a plant of the genus Luffa

the loofah climber that has cylindrical fruit

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Locally grown loofah sponges are inexpensive but their popularity has waned over other varieties of sponges imported from Egypt.
Several Lebanese families, for instance, remain attached to using the loofah sponges.
What makes this plant amazing: Edwards tried growing a loofah - yes, those spongelike things you scrub your back with - from seeds last year.
Since loofah are gourds - related to squash, melon and cucumber - Edwards has even eaten a few, which she says are ``kind of cucumber-y'' in flavor.
She notes that the chain sells some loofahs (which resemble marine sponges but are actually made from edible gourds) and back scrubbers, but Corner's elderly clientele isn't as interest in the product as young people.
is making a name for itself in accessories with body brushes, loofahs and sponges.
Resembling loofahs, these mitts can be used to exfoliate with wet or dry skin.
And you've got this many loofahs,'' she said, waving her arm toward the fruit-laden vine.
The Mayans were the first to cultivate loofahs as long as 500 years ago; they used the young fruits for food and medicine and the dry gourds for scrubbers, fibrous mats and other uses.
Navy used loofahs for filters in steam engines, and the Army used them to wipe down Jeep windshields; Army surgeons used loofahs as surgical sponges.
While loofahs are grown throughout the world, in conjunction with regional agricultural universities and private industry the company has pursued development of an American loofah source since 1988.
The Missouri-based firm, founded in 1915, pioneered loofah distribution to the mass market in the 1970s, calling attention to the product's skin conditioning benefits.
Features to personalize bathing have been added to some Lady Elizabeth loofahs.
Though loofahs look like sponges, they are actually the "skeletons" of certain gourds.
Also featured by the company are loofahs, deep-sea sponges and sisal mitts (which are softer than loofahs).