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Synonyms for hyperopia

abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects

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Modern laser systems are also very effective at correcting long sight, which tends to affect people more in mid-life, and LVC for older patients is increasingly popular.
Interestingly, the Cardiff researchers found that glasses for long sight make no difference at all to the children's near work being out of focus.
A mistimed header from Chris Baird gifted Shane Long sight of goal from wide on the right after 27 minutes but the Republic of Ireland striker could only curl the ball over the crossbar.
Jim Clark used the parts to make his famous "long slides" which many competitors came to prefer for their long sight radius.
Requirements include long sight extensions, small peeps, tiny pins, possibly a scope and ideally a long stabilizer--some guys even weight their bows to make them more stable.
In the past, we'd only thought about varminting with an accurate gun with a long sight radius--something very much unlike the Mosquito--since being able to hit the critter is also an advantage.
Other standard features include an integral welded stainless steel frame and hinged access door with long sight glass.
Now, wearing glasses as well as contact lenses (don't ask, it's to do with long sight and reading distance) she has just packed away her final library book and now sits up in bed reading the paper and sipping a coffee from a chamber pot-sized cup as I go about the iffy business of getting my working day started.
The intimacy of this second act--dancers were within touching distance of the audience--was a perfect counterpoint to the long sight lines in Part I.
The totally remodeled store, designed by Connie Post, emphasizes long sight lines and displays by category or major lines.
Marketing director Rudy Kadlub says, "they like the long sight lines inside -- spaces feel larger.
That kind of glaucoma tends to run in families, starts after the age of 40 and affects people who need glasses for long sight.
The worldwide rising demand for crude oil as well as shortages in production, transport and processing will remain at long sight - and with this the high price.
That extra length meant a long sight radius, and the New Frontier balances well.
Other visual problems include short-sightedness, squints or long sight.