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Words related to cannibalism

the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind

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He quit Edinburgh for the South Pacific and Planer's play Death Of Long Pig examines his last days on the Samoan Island of Upolu.
What type of meat was once called long pig by Polynesian tribesmen?
Their father decided to develop a pedigree herd of Welsh pigs - a strong, long pig with long wide ears and a long jowl and he protected them mercilessly from the invading Landrace pigs, which came in from Sweden around the 1950s and which, to the general wisdom, were a good thing to start breeding into your stock.
The Long Pigs play there tonight followed by the Boo Radleys on Thursday night.
Formerly with Long pigs and Pulp, Richard's best work has come under his own name, with songs like The Ocean, The Waters of My Time and Just Like The Rain striking the perfect balance between emotional balladry and suave songwriting craft.