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the largest boat carried by a merchant sailing vessel

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Quantity or scope: Bank protection on 220 meters and construction of a 40m long boat dock.
It means Tamsin, who borrowed a long boat to compete, as she normally paddles a short boat, is the only woman to win both classes at the global event and to regain a world title.
LAST Wednesday, Margery Wilson(nee McKean) began the story of her trip to the wartime safety of her uncle's farmhouse in Canada, along with her sister Betsy, but the long boat trip would not be the end of their journey.
Competition between rival villages and teams is fierce in Pembrokeshire long boat racing, none more so than between old foes, Newport and Solva.
For many years Anna spent summers in Brewster on Cape Cod and winters at Long Boat Key in Florida.
The team will also fish out a 28-meter long boat found underneath the ship, and this will also be showcased.
The 893-feet long boat ride was known as a favourite place for teenage sweethearts to share a kiss in near-darkness.
We were going down to Sarasota to get married, in a place called Long Boat Quay,' said part-time shop worker, Anna-Marie, 22.
The islands of the national park, which cluster just off the coast, are reached only via long boat ride, and tourist facilities are kept to a minimum on the islands in an attempt to maintain their natural state.
Saying that, it's not hard to see why they call Andy Fordham 'The Viking' - he can fit an entire invading army of Norsemen in those XXXXL pants and still have room for his long boat.
The City of Sarasota, Florida, as the Lead Agency for the Sarasota Government Partnering Initiative Group (SPIG), is soliciting Bids for these services and all references to the City in the document are to be understood to include, together, the City of Sarasota and the Sarasota Government Partnering Initiative Group (which also includes the Cities of North Port and Venice and the Town of Long Boat Key).
Having raided Lindisfarne and its priory in AD 793 by long boat, a band of Vikings were back on Holy Island to urge motorists to take heed of its causeway's safe crossing times.
Long Boat Key, Florida died at her summer residence in Holden on Saturday, Dec.
A great warrior (Winstone) arrives by long boat on Danish shores.
But the five-metre long boat, owned by Mr Wain's 19-year-old brother Mickey, sank without trace.