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civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I

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According to Katju, India also needs a Cromwell to say the same to the Lok Sabha members, who are like the Long Parliament MPs; only worse, because, many of them have criminal records unlike their British prototypes.
For example, in 1648, in what was known as Pride's Purge, 231 members of the Long Parliament were prevented by Cromwellians from taking their seats.
The town has several big shopping malls along with large shops at the centre, it has the long Linthorpe Road along with large shops and many separate small shops and then we have the long Parliament Road with shops.
The "Answer" was part of an escalating dispute between Charles I and the Long Parliament that eventually led to the English Civil War, a war the king lost along with his head.
Touching on last week's three-day long Parliament discussions assessing the cabinet's performance, Aoun lashed out at threats alluding to a likely establishment of an investigations committee.
THE 111TH DAY OF THE YEAR 1653: Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Long Parliament which had governed during the Civil War.
images of Parliament as shaped by the Long Parliament, the importance of cathedrals during the Commonwealth, a detailed look at the events of 1643, the often underestimated work of royalist clergymen between 1642 and 1649.
London The ten-year long Parliament Square Peace Campaigner Brian Haw has died of lung cancer at 62, his family announced yesterday.
Now that the war is over Ranil raises questions on its validity which had not occurred to him in the 17 year long parliament he served as a minister in addition to being Prime Minister twice.
27) Moreover, Eales demonstrates how such puritan exercises were increasingly at odds with the Laudian religious establishment of the 1630s and argues persuasively that it was this ideological alienation which was of primary importance in determining Sir Robert Harley's positioning in the politics of the Long Parliament and, ultimately, the family's parliamentarianism in the civil war.
For that reason, it is known familiarly as the Cavalier Parliament, though its longevity certainly justifies the alternative name preferred by Annabel Patterson, the Long Parliament of Charles II.
Three weeks later, the two Houses of Parliament put before the King An Act against Dissolving the Long Parliament without its own Consent 1641, which did exactly what the title states.
The movement came to a screeching halt in 1640 with the arrest of Laud and new anti-papist laws passed by The Long Parliament.
Arun Jaitley, BJP's floor leader in the Rajya Sabha, said: " Singh will be missing a month- long Parliament session thrice because of his foreign visits, including the sudden programme to go to Copenhagen.
I knew Marvell had been a remarkably faithful member of what I have come to call the Long Parliament of Charles II--the parliament that met from May 1661 to January 1679 with many intermissions but without a general election for eighteen years.