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very large fast-growing tree much planted as a street tree

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Plants in his show garden will include trees such as colourful stemmed cornus mas and prunus "Amber Beauty" alongside a London plane tree, all selected for sculptural forms and the colour and texture of their bark.
One of the artworks to be seen for the first time is Ed Elliott's sculpture Greer (from the Celtic for 'watchful' or 'guardian') which is carved from London Plane timber sourced from the Mottisfont estate.
Working in association with revered land planners Hart Howerton, Gianos juxtaposes verdant open spaces with forested nature preserve, country meadows bursting with color, and long, private, quiet, winding lanes canopied with mature London Plane trees, all centered around an expansive "Green" with hints of "Sunday In The Park With George.
So consider a tulip tree or London plane tree (sycamore).
White gravel paths lead into the site, passing through the unruly tangle of planting and shaded by a stand of London plane trees.
European planetrees are often sold by country or area of origin, such as London plane, English plane, French plane.
Officially the country's priciest tree, the London Plane tree is set to live on in perpetuity after cuttings are grown and planted across Westminster Parks.
Walking along the tree-lined neighborhood where I had lived for nearly 20 years, I noticed a sign posted on a large London plane tree stating that it was slated to be removed.
Just behind Battery Park's bustling waterfront Promenade, the Bosque is a quieter, social retreat with soft surface footpaths and undulating gardens under the canopy of mature London Plane trees--it brings back to the Harbor a feeling of natural abundance.
Strolling through City Hall Park at lunchtime, local office workers are being amused by the large silhouette figures of a sheep, fox, cow, ram and other farm animals grazing in the dappled shade of London Plane trees.
Hardly a coup, you might thing since there's not much to see--an almost abstract expanse of pitted silver gray stone, given comprehensible scale and the faintest of festive airs by fallen leaves (from London plane, that tree beloved by European urban planners because pollution can't kill it).
Some want the trees, all limes except one London plane, to be replaced with a blossoming variety.
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