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a Loloish language


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As if recalling a long story of the past, Lolo would point at those lights and tell us, ' Mga apo, ayun ang bayan ng Calamba, yoong maraming kumikislap-kislap na ilaw.
Touring visitors within the museum has brought Lolo Vener and Lolo Antolin hundreds of friends from across the country and even foreign visitors, who come and stop by Cavite's historical museum.
The LoLo micro-kitchen was designed by young Russian designers Tanya and Misha Repin.
Despite China's recent efforts to portray itself as a modern nation, the harsh sentences for Pema Trinley, Chakdor and Lolo show just how vicious, relentless and intolerant the occupying regime in Tibet remains.
I come from the school of, 'If you have it-flaunt it', and I would like to think that Lolo has 'it'-whatever 'it' is," Lobel said.
Lolo gets a copy of Ruth Wisse's Jews and Power, because one day we're bound to learn that one of the families of Westeros is Jewish (probably the Lannisters, since they always pay their debts).
I couldn't have asked for a better start to the year than with two wins in Glasgow (she also tasted victory in the high jump) and obviously the one over Lolo received a lot of attention, but she is a hurdles specialist and because of that I don't consider her as a direct competitor; it's completely different.
In fact, if Lolo called me you can put your house on it that I would join him in his task of helping the French football team regain its respect.
3347 was coming from Lolo Sar to Kaghan valley but when it reached near Kakrian, the jeep went out of control from the driver, resulting in the instant death of two people which was identified as Haider Ali and Wasif.
Ennis said: "I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to race against some of the top hurdlers - obviously Lolo Jones - and try and push myself and see if I can squeeze out a PB or get close to my hurdles personal best.
Shoppers in Newcastle city centre were treated to a display of the Lolo Ball, following on from hula hoop, clackers and yoyo crazes.
WORLD indoor 60m hurdles champion Lolo Jones will compete for the United States at the Aviva International Match in Glasgow on January 31.
World indoor60mhurdles champion Lolo Jones will compete for the United States at the Aviva International Match in Glasgow on January 31.
Byline: Jewellery worth Dh1 million was stolen from a Damas jewellery shop in Al Lolo Centre in the Al Nakheel area here.
On the basis of 51 tests, grain volume weight of Otis averaged 763 kg m 3, which was comparable to Lolo (767 kg [m.