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a sexually precocious young girl

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To find out more about the new designer collection added to Milanoo's Lolita line of fashion apparel, please visit http://goo.
I want to be with a really manly man who is polite, sensible and who doesn't run away from problems," revealed Lolita to the website.
Lolita graduated magna cum laude with a double major in marketing and fine arts from Mary Baldwin College in Virginia.
Alexandrov made the analogy almost in passing, and as such he never delved into the particular and numerous ways in which evil as privation informs Lolita.
Mina, in her late teens, said Black Lolita is a mix of Sweet Lolita -a style that makes heavy use of furs, including stuffed animals and fake rabbit ears -and Gothic Lolita, which employs black ribbons, lace, pearls and satin, while maintaining the Lolita basic of large skirts.
Readings of humor in Lolita have tended to coincide with more widespread accounts of postwar humor as an instrument of destruction, arguing that it creates a narrative world in which "appearances are all there is" (Weisenberger 1995, 106) and turns the reader's relationship with Humbert into "an encounter of absence" (Pearce 1978, 35).
Consider the video Good Morning Sunshine (all work 2009), whereby three pajama-clad adults, who look only slightly older than Lolita, strip down to their skivvies at Nakadate's beckoning.
What happened was, Gerry was walking his dog, Lolita, who is this little, small pug, a teeny thing.
I put Nabokov's Lolita and Kubrick's Lolita next to each other.
6) I propose that beyond his conviction of having correctly deciphered the riddle of the macintosh-man in Ulysses, Nabokov proceeded to do to the protagonist of his classic novel Lolita the very same thing that he believed Joyce to have done to Leopold Bloom in Ulysses.
Most parents ferry their children to after-school clubs, but when Lolita Byfield-Moore took her 14-year-old daughter Mica to training sessions at Newport Harriers, she decided to join in.
Sullivan uses Nabokov inventively, quoting from his 1955 novel Lolita to demonstrate how the narrator's "refined" sensibility is transformed by a whole world of low-end culture that has become--for him--eroticized.
assisted by Nabokov himself, has clarified most of the diabolically devious (if not deviant) allusions in The Annotated Lolita (1955; NY: McGraw-Hill, 1970).