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the longest French river

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The Loire Valley offers refreshingly tart and tangy varieties made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape--try Richard Bourgeois (2003).
Alliance Loire said the Loire Valley offered huge sales potential with consumer-friendly wine styles, but admitted the region was difficult for the export market to understand.
If you've never tried a great sweet Loire wine, be bold and try my wine of the week.
White wines are the dominant force throughout most of the Loire and in the Upper Loire this means Sauvignon Blanc, which produces the tingling and stony dry wines of Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and lesser known Menetou-Salon.
The Loire Valley is France's third largest AOC wine producing region and second region for sparkling wine after Champagne.
Major organization : CAF DE LA LOIRE ATLANTIQUE (786 019 554 00 116)
Anne Burchett, Vinival's UK sales and marketing manager, said: "The Loire region was really popular 15 years ago but it has faded in the public's perception.
The Loire Valley Wine Bureau has invited all local importers and distributors to take a table at no cost, with the goal of assembling the most complete selection of Loire Valley wines available in each market.
It is an extremely varied zone: the department includes the sands of the Sologne (good for growing irises, but little else), the vineyards of the middle Loire, the Cher, the Renaissance city of Blois, the chateaux of Chambord and Cour-Cheverny, along with the Beauce and what Zola called the "distant blue hills of the Perche".
The "Definitive Wines" campaign is managed by Benson Marketing Group, LLC and funded by InterLoire and the Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins du Centre - the two trade groups that represent the winemakers, growers and merchants of the Loire Valley - as well the European Union.
One really ought to compare this book, a study of the department of the Loire, with James R.
CHICAGO -- The Loire Valley Wine Bureau will host an exclusive trade tasting on September 21st at the W Chicago Lakeshore Hotel from 2-5 p.
Contract notice: this market aims to assist the regional health agency of the pays de la loire (ars) in piloting a telemedicine project in the sarthe region.
Saint-Nazaire's two shipbuilding yards, the Loire and Penhouet, drew most of their unskilled workers from Saint-Nazaire's new residential quartiers but found skilled workers in the rural communities just to the north of Saint-Nazaire, in the marshland known as La Grande Briere.
WASHINGTON -- The Loire Valley Wine Bureau will host an exclusive trade tasting on September 29th at the Westin Grand from 2-5 p.